How to Post Photoless Moments on WeChat

Moments are very similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories in that they are a snapshot of your life posted alongside your usual posts. They can be anything you like, but they usually work best if you’re seeing, visiting, living or doing something unusual. They can be about whatever you want though, which is what makes them so good. Did you know you can post pictureless Moments on WeChat?

Presumably, the image tells the story in any Story or Moment, but you don’t have to add an image if you don’t want to. If you’ve found an inspirational quote or someone said something profound, an image isn’t always necessary. In such cases, a text-only Moment is ideal.

Posting text-only Moments on WeChat

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with posting a text-only Moment on WeChat. They are not always as engaging or engaging as those with an image, but depending on their content, they can tell a story as well as a visual Moment. You just have to be more creative with what you say.

Publishing a text-only Moment is almost the same as creating a standard Moment, but with one crucial difference.

  1. Open WeChat and select Explore at the bottom of the page.
  2. On the next page, select Moments.
  3. Press and hold the camera icon in the top right.
  4. Add your moment text to the box that appears on the screen.
  5. Select Location, Share With, or @Mention as you normally would.
  6. Select Submit in the upper right corner of the screen.

As you can see, the process is pretty much the same as creating a standard Moment, but you long press the camera icon instead of tapping it. This will immediately open the text box instead of giving you the option to take a picture or use a gallery picture.

Other than that, the rest are the same. If you wish, you can add your location, control who sees what, or mention individual people in the Moment.

Posting image Moments on WeChat

I showed you how to post a text-only Moment and mentioned several times how similar it is to posting a Moment image. If you haven’t done it before, that doesn’t help you much, does it? Now I’m going to show you how to post an image-based Moment for comparison.

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WeChat Moments with images is by far the more popular version. That doesn’t mean the other is wrong, just that images are a very powerful tool in storytelling and if you can use some of them, you should. You can use multiple images just like in Insta and tell the same kind of stories as in Insta.

  1. Open WeChat and select Explore at the bottom of the page.
  2. Select Moments from the list that appears.
  3. Select the camera icon in the top right. It’s not just a tap and a long press.
  4. Select Take Photo or Select Existing to use a gallery image.
  5. Add a title to the text box.
  6. Select Location, Share With, or @Mention if you want.
  7. Select Submit in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tapping the camera icon brings up the camera app and the option to choose a picture from your phone gallery or take a new one. When you select or take a picture, you will be taken to the text box window you see above to complete your Moment. From then on, the rest of the process is the same.

Using location in WeChat Moments

WeChat gives you the opportunity to add your current location when creating a Moment. This is an individual setting per Moment. If you choose to add your location, a blue link will appear below it telling you where you are at the time. You can also customize it to anything you want. It’s a neat feature that gives Mo a bit of an extra element of fun.

  1. Select Location when ending your WeChat Moment.
  2. Instead of choosing a location from the list, select Search at the top.
  3. Type the location you want it to appear there.
  4. Select Create New Location when it appears on the screen.
  5. Type your exact location and select Done.

Here you can add from ‘Fourth moon of Endor’ to ‘Pit of Doom’ or anything you want. You can provide a little extra fun to anyone who reads your memory and uses the location feature, but with a change.

I’m sure there are many other secret tricks you can use when creating Moments in WeChat, but this is all I know. Do you know others? If you do, share it below!