How to Hide Instagram Stories

Ever since Snapchat gave the world the scent of stories, they’ve been popping up all over the internet. In fact, they became so popular that Instagram could not help but adopt this feature. But the giant social media platform has not only captured this feature, but popularized and perfected it. no matter what, 21Saint Century is all about filtering content, and you don’t have to unfollow someone to keep their stories from appearing on your screen.

Here’s how to hide Instagram stories.

Why Would You Want to Hide a Story?

It’s easy to shuffle Instagram stories. Just tap the middle or right of your screen to go to the next story or the left part of your screen to go back to the previous one. Swipe left/right to jump to the next person’s stories. With such easy navigation, is it really that annoying to simply swipe right/left when you don’t want to see some content? It may not seem like it, but if you follow a ton of people (as many Instagrammers do), it can be a huge waste of time.

Most people prefer to have relevant content that will entertain, inform and/or inspire.

Alternatively, you might want to prevent a specific person from viewing your stories, whether they follow you or not. Whatever the reason, you must prevent people from seeing it. Instagram knows this and has made it very possible to do so.


Hiding Someone Else’s Stories

That’s what it’s called, although it essentially means permanently hiding stories from a specific Instagram user you follow. mute/unmute on Instagram. Why don’t you unfollow them and you’re done with it? think about it. You may love a person and want them in your life, but for whatever reason you dislike their Instagram content. If you unfollow someone, they will find out and they may not take it that lightly. Therefore, you can easily mute someone’s stories without them knowing.

It is very simple and quite simple to do. Just go to the story bar at the top of the Instagram screen, find the story you want to mute, and press and hold the person’s story icon (don’t tap their story as this will only show them). In the pop-up menu that appears, tap . mute and you won’t see any stories from this person after that point.

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If you want to unmute a contact, go back to the stories bar and scroll all the way to the end where you will see the muted stories are greyed out. Hold them and tap unmute. You can do this as much as you want.

Hiding Your Stories

Alternatively, you may want to prevent a particular profile from seeing your stories. Maybe the content of your stories doesn’t interest them, or maybe you’re not spamming by reposting your stories. Whatever the reason, you can hide your stories from someone else’s feed, whether you have followers or not.

To hide your stories from a profile, go to: Settings (the profile avatar icon followed by three horizontal lines). go Privacy and then tap Story followed by Hide Story From. In the list that appears, select the profile or profiles you want to block from seeing your stories. Once you’re done selecting, tap . Completed.

Another way to hide your story from someone is to go to your story and tap the number that shows how many people have seen it. From there, navigate to the three-dot symbol next to their name and Hide Story From [Their Username].

hide instagram stories

Additionally, you can hide your story from the hashtag or location page. You can check whether your story appears on any of the mentioned pages by entering the screen that sees your story. Tap . x on every hashtag/position you don’t want the story to appear on.

Who Can See My Story?

If your account is in incognito mode, only authorized people can access it and see your posts and stories. You can hide your stories from them, but they can still see your posts. To enable private mode, go to: Settingsfaucet Privacyset course in this direction Account privacyand turn on the switch next to it. private account adjustment.

If your account is public, anyone who comes across your account can also see your stories. All they have to do is go to your profile and tap their profile picture. This will show them all your active stories. Of course, you can hide your stories from anyone not affiliated with you by accessing your story and following the instructions mentioned earlier.

Instagram Story Privacy

When it comes to stories, you are in total control of who and what sees them. This is very useful and also necessary as Stories have emerged as the most important feature of Instagram. The only thing you can’t control about Stories is the ads that should appear in your feed.

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Have you ever hidden your stories from anyone? How about silencing someone? Why? Feel free to discuss it in the comments section below.