How to Get Hidden Filters on Snapchat

For frequent Snapchat users, there is nothing more exciting than unlocking hidden Snapchat filters and lenses before everyone else. It’s exciting to take the perfect selfie with a fun new filter that people haven’t seen before.

But how do you actually get them?

This article will show you where you can find and unlock these hidden Snapchat filters. Once you’ve done that, it’s up to you to unleash your creativity by decorating your photos in the most impressive ways.

Unlock New Snapchat Filters

Get Snapchat Private Filters

It only takes a few steps to unlock the hidden Snapchat filters. This process is actually a lot of fun, as Snapcodes can contain hidden filters and lenses. These can be found in tweets, regular URL, filter links, etc. is hidden.

You can unlock a new filter by following these steps:

Snapchat Private Filters

As we mentioned earlier, Snapcodes that act as keys to unlocking the Snapchat filter goldmine can be found literally everywhere. They can be QR-style codes for hyperlinks you can tap.

Visiting the Lenses page on Snapchat’s website is probably the easiest way to find new filters and lenses. You will be able to find some of the latest world lenses created by the community.

If you want to get some custom made filters or lenses, you can try other websites like GemLens.

YouTube is also a good place to look for Snapcodes that will unlock cool filters, as many YouTubers work as Snapchat supporters. Check out some of his videos on Snapchat. They usually put their Snapcode or link in the description.

You should note that some hidden filters are only available for a limited time. But in most cases, you don’t have a time limit to worry about.

Get Private Filters on Snapchat

Once you find a Snapcode, all you have to do is open your Snapchat app and use it to scan the code. You can do this using your smartphone’s front camera and you need to make sure the Snapcode is right in front of your smartphone.

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Just tap the screen once to focus your smartphone’s camera. After that, press and hold Snapcode. Your Snapchat app will notify you when it recognizes the Snapcode.

As for the links, all you have to do is tap them. Then your Snapchat app will open and you will be able to unlock it from there.

Unlock Your New Hidden Filter or Lens

No matter if you tapped on a link or just finished scanning a Snapcode, you’ll get a pop-up notification asking you to unlock the filter or lens. You can unlock your new filter by tapping the “Unlock for 24 hours” button. The time frame may be different.

You will also have the option to send said filter to a friend via Snapchat. This can be a nice way to surprise a loved one.

Hidden Filters on Snapchat

Start Your Hidden Filter Hunt

That’s all you need to do to get new tools that will make your selfies so much better. The process is exciting as you never know where to find the next great filter or lens.

It’s not hard to find new interesting Snapchat add-ons and upgrades, and you can even make your own. If you’re tired of finding and using someone else’s filters, you can easily create whatever you want.

What’s interesting here is that Snapchat lets you do this using the Optional Geofilters option. To find this option simply:

  1. Open your Snapchat app
  2. go to options
  3. Tap on Optional GeoFilters
  4. Tap on Filters

When you take the final step, Snapchat will ask you about your status. You can touch on birthday, valentine and the like or start from scratch.

After choosing a filter, you can use the emoji, stickers, etc. that Snapchat offers. You can edit the filter using various tools, such as adding

The only downside to creating your own Snapchat filters this way is that it’s not free. At the end of the process, you will be asked to choose how long your filter (or lens, if you have chosen) will last. You can do this by setting the Start Time and End Time. The price depends exactly on the time you enter.

If you want your filter to be active for 24 hours or a little more, it can cost around $6. People tend to use this option for special occasions or parties.