How to Get Harry Potter Filter on Instagram

Harry Potter fans rejoice! The new HP filters on Instagram are very trendy now. If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter universe, you’ve probably missed such a filter.

Actually, there are two HP filters. One is like the sorting hat in Harry Potter that tells you which wizard house you belong to. The other is a simple HP character matcher for the HP universe. Read on to find out how to get these awesome filters.

HP Filters on IG

The Harry Potter filters popping up on Instagram these days are the work of Arno Partissimo, a talented filter creator and photographer. Interestingly, he is also the creator of the Disney filter. Both of these filters went viral and brought Arno the influence he deserved.

The person behind the other popular Instagram filter is Julia Roga, another filter creator who is also very popular on this social platform. Unlike Mr. Arno’s sorting hat type filter, his filter is a classic “which character are you” type filter.

You can be one of the many beloved characters using this filter, including Harry himself, the giant with a heart of gold, Hagrid, the quirky Luna Lovegood, or everyone’s favorite elf Dobby and more.

How to Get Instagram Harry Potter Filter

How to go?

You’ve probably seen some of these filters on your friend’s profiles recently. To be precise, you may have seen your friends’ stories featuring HP filters. Actually you can get filters this way and it is the easiest method. Follow these steps to get them from your friends:

  1. Login to your IG account. Use the latest version of the mobile app, preferably for Android or iOS, rather than the very limited browser version of Instagram.
  2. Find a friend who shares the Harry Potter filter in their story.
  3. Select the filter for the story (the name should be at the top of the window when viewing the story). Just tap on it, in Julia’s filter it will say Which Wizard’s House in Harry Potter and Arno’s filter.
  4. When you choose the filter, you will have the opportunity to immediately test it, send it to your friends or save it.
  5. Tap on Save Effect and the filter will be added to your Instagram story filters (it should be marked Saved below the filter).
  6. The next time you start creating a story on IG, you will be able to use the selected HP filter. Entertainment!
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Alternative methods

There are two more ways to get these awesome Harry Potter filters. One way is to ask your friends to send you filters on Instagram. You guessed it, they need to select the Submit option from the menu described above and select your IG profile. After doing that, you need to:

  1. You should see the message they sent you next to the filter in your direct messages. Open the chat with your friend.
  2. Tap the filter photo.
  3. Select Save and it will be automatically added to your story filters.
  4. Again, you can tap on Try it to see how the filter looks without saving it.

Get Filters from Arno and Julia

The other alternative way to get these awesome filters is to get them from the official IG accounts of their creators. This is pretty simple too, just follow these steps:

  1. Login to Instagram.
  2. Search for Arno Partissimo or Julia Roga on Instagram using the search feature.
  3. Follow Arno or Julia. Then you will see its filters and the Harry Potter filters should be there.
  4. Tap on the filter you like and select Save to keep it in your selection of story filters.
    Get Instagram Harry Potter Filter

Which HP Character Are You?

That’s it, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading and had no trouble getting these awesome Harry Potter filters on IG. The last method is actually the most reliable because you can do it on your own without the help of your friends.

What is your wizard house? I hope it’s not Slytherin (who am I kidding? Slytherin is the coolest person in my book). What about the character filter? Who is your favorite HP character? Feel free to join the Harry Potter discussion in the comments section below.