How to Get Featured on Instagram’s Explore Page

Ever since Instagram caught the attention of other similar websites a few years ago, businesses and individuals have used it to promote themselves. The Internet is a beast and has proven time and time again to be an extremely powerful tool in the right hands.

After all, what better way to promote your brand than to appeal to Instagram’s broad audience? The best way to do this is to find yourself a place on the coveted Discover page. The once “Popular” page has now become much more personal.

How does it work?

To understand how to get to the Discover page, you need to know how it works. Most of us are necessarily aware of and use Youtube daily or almost every day. One of the main features of the video sharing website is the “Recommend” algorithm.

It works quite simply. Based on what a user is searching and watching, the algorithm starts narrowing down possible suggestions for that user. It slowly filters content based on the user’s interests, whether it’s music, cartoons or education, and videos that match the user’s criteria start appearing on their front page.

The Explore page on Instagram, which used to showcase what people collectively liked, now works in similar ways. Based on what you’re searching for or following people or brands, the Explore page will present you with carefully selected content.

Highlights on Instagram's Discover Page

Why Should I Try To Reach The Discover Page?

If we continue without comparing with Youtube, the answer to this question is quite obvious. If your content finds its way to the Discover page, it will reach many people or potential customers.

If you like and share your content enough, you have a much better chance of reaching a wider audience through the Discover page. Even more so because the content on the page caters to the individual user’s preferences.

how to get there

There are many tips and tricks to get more exposure. Some are simple, some are a little more difficult. One of the best ways to make your content more visible to your target audience is to find a niche.

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To compare with Youtube with different channel types. Some creators focus on creating video game-related clips, others talk about world news, and some work on makeup tutorials.

Specializing in several or perhaps just one type of content will allow you to reach your target audience more efficiently. Therefore, you may want to look at similar, pre-built profiles. Try to find them, find out where they went wrong and apply the clever tactics they use to gain more followers.

How to Get Featured on Instagram

Quality and Quantity

The more content you post, the better. Depends on what you’re trying to show, of course. If you’re a solo entrepreneur trying to push a product or perhaps an artist, the more you show off your craft, the easier it will be to reach people.

But that doesn’t mean just focusing on numbers. The quality of the work you post on Instagram should always be the best you can do. A good impression can earn you a similar post, and those double taps will get you closer to appearing on the Discover page.

To sum it up, whatever you want to post online, try to make it look as good as possible. If it’s a photo, make sure it’s sharp and well composed. If this is a video, try to make it look professional. You will be amazed at what you can do with good lighting. Also, even today’s lower budget cell phones have solid recording capabilities.

Photos or Videos?

People are split on the type of content you should post. Some argue that nothing can top a high-quality photo, while others more or less swear that videos are the more popular option. However, we believe the best option is a balance of the two. Make sure to use eye-catching photos to grab your audience’s attention and videos to entertain and inform them.

Stories are another great tool to use. You can add both photos and videos to your stories. Many influencers love to use Stories to keep their fans and followers up to date. A smart move would be to use these Stories to let your followers know that more content is coming. You can also let them know on your profile that you will hold a QnA session where they can talk to you directly.

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get engaged

Once you have the audience’s attention, you should focus on engagement. By engaging and talking to your followers, you’ll slowly but surely build a strong fan base. They will also share your content with their friends. Of course, it’s not always easy, but your followers are your best investment.

Highlight on Instagram's Explore Page

Hashtags Plenty

Clever use of hashtags will get you far on Instagram. Knowing how to properly market yourself and your content is essential. This will of course depend heavily on the type of content you are creating.

Using the right hashtags in your photos and clips will ensure you reach the right audience. A good tip that many recommend is to start by using as much as you can (up to 30). Then slowly remove less relevant hashtags as you place yourself in your niche.

to summarize

While there’s no real guarantee that you’ll get to the Explore page, combining these general tips will give you a good starting point. If you have found yourself in the same position in the past, are there any special tricks to the trade? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.