How To Fix Instagram Zoom

Try thinking of all the social media activities that happen on platforms like Facebook or Instagram in a single day. Even just an hour. This is a huge data traffic. And for the most part, things go smoothly every time you log into Instagram. To like posts, you scroll down your feed and double tab.

You browse Instagram Stories and see what the people you follow are up to. Oh, but wait, some of these stories looked like they were zoomed in and/or cropped from the edges. Errors may still occur. And here’s what you need to do to fix them.

Get Instagram Update

You may be wondering why this happens. Suddenly, everything is zoomed in. Not just the stories, but the rest of the feed as well. This often happens to people with new phones. And the reason behind this is the growing popularity of ultra-tall 18:9 aspect ratio displays. The standard smartphone screen ratio is 16:9. The 18:9 ratio has many advantages such as better grip and better screen usage. There is no doubt that many people love the taller and slimmer look of new types of smartphones.

But apps and sites still attract attention. As complaints escalated, Instagram had to update its software to adapt to these changes. However, if you keep zooming in on Instagram posts and stories, you probably don’t have the latest version of the app. So, go directly to the Google Play Store if you have an Android phone and to the Apple Store if you are using an iPhone. This should fix your problem.


If the problem persists

In the unlikely event that the Instagram update does not fix your problem, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram from your mobile device. This is a minor inconvenience, of course, if it requires some effort. However, it usually fixes most bugs any app experiences.


How To Zoom In/Out On Instagram Stories

What makes you a professional Instagram user? Knowing all the features and tricks that the app has to offer. With the Boomerang feature and the Superzoom camera format, Instagram stories are never boring. But how do you actually zoom in and out?

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Normal/Rewind/Boomerang Mode

When you open Instagram and are ready to take a photo or video, you are in Normal mode. Just press the record button and use the same finger to scroll up and down. This way you create an Instagram video story and use the zoom feature. Make sure the finger stays on the record button though. The same goes for Instagram Rewind mode and Boomerang.

Hands Free Mode

Instagram Hands-free mode is very useful when it’s time to videotape a few dozen Instagram stories. You don’t want your hand to get tired and risk any tremors. You also need to have both arms swinging as you explain why your point of view makes more sense than the other. Once you find the perfect place for your phone, you need to find the right zoom. To do this, you can:

  1. Before you start recording the video, use your fingers to pinch the screen and zoom in on where you want it.
  2. Or press the record button and swipe up and down with your finger while you shoot your hands-free video.

Option B can be a great tool for emphasizing a point or just making funny faces. In any case, it’s not difficult to zoom in and out when saving an Instagram Story. All it takes is steady fingers and a little attention.

Fix Instagram Zoom

Zooming the Problem

It’s annoying to encounter bugs in our favorite apps. But often, a simple solution is found just around the corner. And most fixes involve getting the latest update and reinstalling the app. It is no different than Instagram. A huge company with billions of users. Problems like zoom do occur but are quickly resolved. And then there’s the zoom type you just like and use for your Instagram Stories.

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