How to Find Your Moments on Dubsmash

The most popular way to stay in touch is to send video messages, pictures with captions, stickers, gifs and all the other fun stuff. This type of communication offers a lot of room for creativity. Especially young people have embraced online social platforms.

While not as big as Facebook or Instagram, Dubsmash offers a lot of interesting features. This unique application allows you to select a sound snippet from movies and music, record a video where you dub over that sound track. Lip sync and dance challenges are very popular on Dubsmash.

Dubsmah Moments

Dubsmash made a big debut in the world of social media, but stumbled across the branding arena. The company started in Germany in 2014, but has since moved to New York. This move coincided with major changes in the company’s management and leadership. It also led to an overhaul of Dubsmash’s interface and features.

Before Dubsmash was relaunched on October 19, users could only send videos to each other via off-platform messaging apps. Now Dubsmash users can do this without leaving the app. You can also follow people and gain followers.

Dubsmash also had a feature called “My Moments” that only friends could see. This feature was removed after the revision.

Also in September 2016, Dubsmash announced via Twitter that they were introducing a feature called “Community Moments”. However, it is also missing in the latest update.

It took some time for Dubsmash to find its place. Also, the creators are marketing it as a “entertainment app”, not a social media platform. So it’s not trying to compete with the likes of TikTok and Snapchat. Not yet.


Where to Start Dubsmash?

If you’re curious about Dubsmash and all the fun features it has to offer, you should first create an account. Start thinking about usernames and passwords. Then continue:

  1. Download the Dubsmash app for your Android or iPhone.
  2. Launch the application from your device.
  3. Enter a valid e-mail address.
  4. Choose a username. No swearing though. These profiles are deleted by the company.
  5. Choose a password.
  6. Login.
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Note on password: At the beginning of 2019, hackers stole 620 million accounts from 16 websites and sold them on the dark web. A percentage of the compromised accounts belonged to Dusmash users.

Dubsmahs has since notified its users and asked them to change their passwords. Something like this is unlikely to happen again. But it’s always a good idea to make sure your password is extra strong.

Find Your Moments on Dubsmash

How to Add Your Voice to Dubsmash

You can use Dubsmash to discover dubs and choose which ones you like. But you can also load your voices and record your dubs on them. This is such a fun recipe. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. You will notice three sections: Videos, Favorites and Audios. Select “Sounds”.
  3. Next, tap on the big “Add New Audio” button. Record your voice using your phone’s microphone. You can also add a sound you have in your gallery.

Note: Every sound you upload will appear in the “Sounds” tab.

When it comes to downloads, you are not limited to audio tracks. You can upload a video; The app makes the sound and discards the video. You are allowed to upload sounds up to 15 seconds long and you can shorten them to 10 seconds, which is the time limit for a Dub.

Find Your Moments

Make good use of your time

It’s not yet clear whether Dubsmash will be able to challenge larger music-focused apps. But it’s easy to use and won’t overwhelm you with unnecessary complex features. Maybe the app will get another overhaul in the future, but the current formula seems to work.

What do you think of Dubsmash? How easy was it to get used to it? Let us know in the comments section below.