How to Delete Your Old Telegram Profile Pictures

First impression is the best impression. In the virtual world, your profile picture is the first thing people notice, so we often spend a lot of time choosing the best picture possible. Telegram understands this, so they allow you to have up to 10 profile pictures like a stack at once, and the newest appears first.

It also lets you switch between pre-loaded profile pictures. While it’s a useful feature, it poses a privacy risk as anyone in your Telegram contact list could visit your profile and see these pictures. Fortunately, you can delete your old Telegram profile pictures. Follow this guide to learn how.

How to Delete Your Old Telegram Profile Pictures from Android?

Telegram’s Android app is feature rich and includes all the options you will need to manage your account. This includes the ability to delete your old profile pictures.

  1. Open Telegram on your Android phone.
  2. Click hamburger menu or the three lines in the upper left corner.
    Telegram Hamburger Menu
  3. Tap your profile picture to reveal your profile information and current profile picture.
    Telegram Profile Picture
  4. Just like you scroll through Instagram Stories, tap to the right of the profile picture to move on to the next.
  5. Tap three points and then select To delete to delete your old profile picture
    How to Delete Telegram Profile Photo

If you keep your old profile pictures for security reasons, consider enabling two-factor authentication for your Telegram account as well.

How to Delete Your Old Telegram Profile Pictures on iPhone

Although you can delete your old Telegram profile picture from the iPhone or iPad app, the process is slightly different from the Android app.

  1. Open Telegram and tap. Settings.
    Telegram iOS Settings
  2. tap on To organise option in the upper right corner.
    Telegram iOS DP Edit Option
  3. Then tap your profile picture.
  4. Tap trash icon in the lower right corner and select To pick up.
    Delete Telegram iOS DP

Deleting your Telegram account is as easy as getting rid of your old profile pictures from the platform.

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How to Delete Your Old Telegram Profile Pictures from Desktop App

The official Telegram app on your Windows or Mac allows you to delete your old profile pictures. Useful when you don’t want to lift your phone to make these changes. Follow the detailed steps below.

  1. Open Telegram App on your Windows or Mac.
  2. Click hamburger menu and then Settings.
    Telegram Desktop Settings
  3. choose Edit Profile and then tap the profile picture.
    Telegram Desktop Editing Profile
  4. You will find your profile pictures here. You will see three dots in the lower right corner.
  5. Click three points and choose To delete.
    Delete Telegram Deskop DP

You can do this using the app, but Telegram’s web or browser version does not allow you to delete your old profile pictures. You will only have the option to see the option to upload profile pictures, but not the option to delete them.

How Do You Restrict Telegram Users From Viewing Your Profile Photos?

You don’t always have to delete your old Telegram profile pictures to prevent others from seeing them. You can also play around with some privacy settings to restrict users from seeing your profile picture. This is especially useful when you don’t want to delete your profile pictures but instead want to hide them for a certain period of time or from certain people.

  1. Open Telegram on your phone.
  2. tap on Hamburger Menu If you have an Android device. Tap on iPhone. Settings from the bottom bar.
  3. Tap on Privacy and security
  4. Then select Profile photos.
    Telegram Profile Picture Settings

There is a simple setting that allows you to control the privacy of who can see your profile pictures. You can choose one of the options listed as descriptive: Everyone, my contactsAnd Nobody.

Telegram also offers additional privacy controls for your profile picture, called Exceptions. This allows you to restrict who can see your profile picture with granular precision.

  1. Never Share With: This allows you to add users or groups that will never see your profile picture.
  2. Always Share With: Users or groups added to this exception list will always be able to see your profile picture, regardless of other privacy settings applied.

Choice Never Share And Always Share appears only when you select my contacts. cannot be used if it is set to . Everyone, default.

How to Set Public Photo in Telegram

While you can restrict and choose who to share profile photos with, it can be annoying for real users to see a snob when they open their Telegram profile.

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Telegram allows you to add a Public Photo as your profile photo that will be shown to users who are restricted from seeing your real screenshot.

  1. In the Telegram app, go to: Settings > Privacy & Security > Profile Photos.
  2. Tap on it Nobody or My contacts, and will reveal Set Public Photo choice.
    Set General Photo Telegram
  3. Tap on the public photo option and upload a photo you want everyone to see.
    Update Public Photo Telegram

Unlike Profile Photos, Telegram does not save all your uploaded photos in the public photo section. If you remove the image, you have to reinstall it.

Customize Telegram to Your Needs

Telegram may not be as popular as WhatsApp, but it surpasses the latter with a plethora of customization options. Depending on your needs, you can set your profile picture privacy to your liking. For ultimate privacy, consider using Telegram without a phone number. Your friends can then add you to Telegram via your username. You may also want to know if it is possible to read Telegram messages without being seen.


Q: How do I copy Telegram’s Profile Picture to share anywhere?

A: Currently, you can only share your profile picture on Android devices. You have to go to your profile photo, click the three dots and tap Share. You can then select the app that appears in the list and share it.

Q: How to change the order of Profile Pictures in Telegram?

A: The order of your Profile Pictures cannot be changed. It appears in the order in which it was loaded, that is, the newest appears at the top. However, you can permanently delete the one you want to reorder and then reinstall. This will automatically change the order.