How to Delete a Snap from Your Snapchat Story

Every Snapchat user has their own quirks. Yours may be a little more colorful than most. You love reenacting famous movie scenes with stuffed animals and drawing them to your best friend, who is the only one who appreciates this aspect of your personality. You just finished taking a picture of a stuffed giraffe lying on your sofa like Rose from Titanic. You are standing on a sketchbook in the foreground. Amy will love it You think when you send a snap.

But wait…

You accidentally sent this avant garde artwork to all your Snapchat friends via Snapchat Story. This is an easy mistake. Smartphones are sensitive and make us all prone to fat fingers. Of course, knowing this does little to dispel embarrassment. After all, your crush is on her friend list and you haven’t told her about your furry little habit.

How to Delete a Snap from Your Story

Never fear. Snapchat was built on the promise that you won’t have to experience any embarrassment for long. They made it easy to delete a frame from your story. Just make sure you act before you stumble on it sometimes.

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. From the Snapchat camera, swipe right to the Snap Stories screen.
  3. Scroll to the top and tap My story.
  4. Tap . Options symbol.
  5. Tap the attachment you want to delete.
  6. Scroll up.
  7. Tap . Rubbish icon in the lower right corner.
  8. Faucet To delete.

Now you have to hope no one sees it before you delete the evidence.

Has anyone seen?

Worried that the person you like might notice the snap, despite your painstaking efforts to remove it from the world? Don’t let this anxiety eat you up. There’s an easy way to tell if anyone has seen this photo or even how much time they spent gawking at your animal masterpiece. Of course, make sure to check the snap BEFORE deleting it or the data will be gone with it.

Start returning to your Snapchat Story. Take a closer look at your photos.

  • purple eye – Do you see a purple eye with a number next to it? This is how many people viewed this particular snapshot in the story.
  • two green arrows – If you see this, someone took a screenshot of this snap. Sorry. You seem immortal.
  • gray usernames – Look under the attachment to find a list of usernames. These are the friends who viewed this snap. You should be able to see how long each has viewed the story down to the minute.
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Don’t you see the name of this love? Congratulations, you’ve come just in time.

Delete Your Snapchat Story

Sometimes mistakes just don’t involve a snap. Sometimes they include several. Unfortunately Snapchat does not provide a way to delete your entire Snap Story in one click. You can still delete it… one snap at a time. If that sounds too scary, don’t worry. These snapshots will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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