How to Delete a Facebook Page

Setting up a Facebook page is easy. Whether it’s for your hobby or for a business you run, Meta has a great platform to interact with millions of people online. However, there may come a time when you no longer need your Facebook page and you may want to delete it. How should you act in this situation?

Why Should You Delete Your Facebook Page?

The biggest reason for this is that you may no longer need it. Instead of making the page sluggish with no posts or online interaction, you might want to delete it so you’re less worried about security.

You may also want to delete a Facebook page as you are considering setting up a new one. Although Facebook allows you to manage multiple pages, doing so may not be clear. Doing so deletes any data you have on the page. These are all posts, videos, pictures, etc. includes. Fortunately, deleting a Facebook Page is easy.

In some cases, deleting all your Facebook posts and renaming your current page is a better option than creating a new one.

Deleting a Facebook Page from Your Computer

Note that to delete a Facebook page, you need to know the password of the Facebook account linked to it. In the last step you will need to enter the password for authentication. If you can’t remember, consider resetting your Facebook account password.

  1. Open your Facebook account and click profile photo top right
  2. click See All Profiles and select the page you want to delete.
  3. After entering your page’s feed, profile photo again in the upper right
  4. click Settings and Privacy.

    Settings and Privacy in Facebook page manager

  5. choose Settings.
  6. click Privacy.
  7. go to: Facebook Page Information.
    Facebook page information about settings.
  8. choose Disable and Delete.
  9. click Delete Page.
  10. In the next section you can download or export all the data on your page. Otherwise click To continue.
    Download reminder before deleting Facebook Page
  11. Type and choose your password To continue.

Deleting a Facebook Page from Your Phone

  1. Open your Facebook app and profile photo top right
  2. Switch to your page by tapping the icon. profile photo on the right side.
  3. Tap your page profile photo top right and select Settings and Privacy.
  4. choose Settings.
    Settings location on mobile phone.
  5. Faucet Page Settings.
  6. scroll down until you see Facebook Page Information.
  7. choose Access and Control.
    Access and control location in Facebook settings
  8. Faucet Disable and Delete.
  9. Change Delete Page and tap To continue.
  10. Choose why you are deleting the page, but this step is optional. Faucet To continue.
  11. Download and select any information you want To continue.
  12. Enter and choose your password To continue.
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How to Cancel Your Request to Delete Your Facebook Page

You can reactivate your Facebook page after the first deletion request.

  1. click profile picture at the top right of your main profile
  2. choose Settings and Privacy.
  3. click Settings.
  4. choose Privacy and head Your facebook information
  5. click Opinion Right next to Reactivation.
    Facebook page reactivation
  6. Select and cancel the page you want to reactivate.

What To Do If The Option To Delete Your Facebook Page Is Missing?

The option to delete a Facebook page may not appear for you. This is because you must be an administrator to delete or disable a page. So, if the option to delete a Facebook page doesn’t appear for you, ask the admin to change your role.

How Long Before Deleting Your Facebook Page?

After you initiate the deletion, Facebook will disable your page for 30 days. During this time, you can get your page back. If you retrieve your page and choose to delete it again, the 30-day grace period will be reset.

Facebook deletes all data generated by your page. You may want to download your information before proceeding with the deletion to get a backup. The option is presented just before the last step.

However, if you want to delete your Facebook Account, that’s a completely different process, but you always have the option to back up the data.

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