How to Create an Awesome Tinder Bio and Profile

Writing about yourself comes naturally to some, but not to others. It is difficult for most of us to summarize your personality in a few words and a few photos. Since Tinder currently rules the dating world, it’s like you have no choice but to move on with it. As someone who has had good success with the app, I’m going to offer some helpful tips on how to create an eye-catching Tinder profile.

Whether you’re after The One or just someone you can spend some time with, you need to stand out from the crowd. You have to present yourself in the most attractive, attractive way without alienating anyone or looking too fake. You also need to be able to sell yourself, which for some is more difficult than it should be.

know your audience

Before you start writing your awesome Tinder profile, you need to spend some time understanding how your target market is using Tinder. Boys and girls use it differently and look for different things. Take a few moments to consider how your target demographic will use Tinder and what kind of thing will appeal to them.

For example, not all men are binary and ask themselves, ‘Would I or wouldn’t I? Some are more complex. Knowing what you want from Tinder will allow you to write something that will appeal to the people you’re after. Girls have a tendency to overcomplicate things. Even if your profile picture gives Brad Pitt a run for his money, if your profile says something stupid, you won’t get as much success as you could.

If you have friends in your target demographic, ask for their opinion. Ask what works and what doesn’t, and create a picture of who you’re trying to reach. The more information you have, the better your Tinder profile will be.

Back then.

A successful Tinder profile should have two elements. A short and catchy profile and very beautiful pictures. The two work hand in hand to get the swipes you’re looking for.


Honesty is definitely the best policy because while you can say whatever you want on your Tinder profile, you’ll find out if you meet anyone. Tinder isn’t about swiping right, it’s about making dates and maybe more. You should think a few steps ahead when putting your profile together.

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As it always wins, use humor if you can. Always. However, if you are not naturally funny, come to the profile from a different angle. Be insightful, left-wing, observant, or keep it simple.

The three profile types that have always worked for me have been Three Little Things, First & Last, and Uncertain Reference.

Three Little Things – Mention three things about yourself that you think show your personality. Like an “animal lover who likes to welcome the dawn with a hot cup of coffee and is as excited about books as chocolate cake”.

First and last – Another classic profile type where you list one thing first and one thing last. For example, my first kiss was on the swing in my front yard, while my final taste of success was winning first place in our local dog obedience class.’

Indefinite Reference – This is a real opportunity to showcase your personality, but also the hardest to get. ‘I love Harissa, the original Star Wars movies, laughing with someone in the corner of a crowded room and that Eureka moment when you knew a great idea would work.’


If you already use Tinder, you know how easy it is to get profile pictures so wrong. You would think it was impossible to take anything but a shaky selfie or a photo of you fishing with eleven-pound tuna hanging on its gills. Is that what people really want to see about you? No is the correct answer.

There are a few ‘rules’ for dating profile apps. It should look like real life, be presentable, have a smile, not include hunting, fishing or other obscure sports unless that sport is your life. If you are using a prop like a puppy, you need to be prepared to ask many questions about the puppy in question.

Head and shoulders up

A great Tinder profile picture would be a head and shoulders shot where you look stylish, cool, relaxed, friendly, friendly and attractive. So there’s not much to do, right? Your main photo should be alone and should be a clear, well-shot head and shoulders shot. You should smile too. Everyone loves a smile, and if you can make one of those sneaky smiles like you’re thinking of a private joke, the better.

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Ask your friends what your most attractive feature is. If you have the kind of friends you can trust to be honest or not make fun of you, it is. If you have friends in your target demographic, be sure to ask them too. What you think is your most attractive feature may not be what someone else thinks is attractive. These pictures aren’t all about you, it’s about giving the audience what they want by staying true to yourself.

Selfies don’t have to be valid as everyone uses them. Find a trusted friend to give advice and take pictures, and use a quality camera. It’s worth putting the same amount of effort into your photos as you would on a first date. If you understand correctly, you only need to do this once.

Group shots are good, but leave them for last. Even then, think carefully before placing your target audience. People don’t want to see you get drunk, hunt, fish, watch football with the boys or hang out playing PlayStation. If you are a different hunter or a professional gamer, avoid them.

No one is going to argue that creating a standout Tinder profile is easy because it isn’t. What it is is one of those tasks that rewards your effort. The more thought and effort you put in, the more accurate slaps you will get.

Nothing is guaranteed of course, but no matter how lame, blatantly lazy, or fake Tinder profiles you think even a modest effort should at least get you to stay on top of them!