How to Change Your Twitter Username

Twitter, which enables millions to express their ideas, thoughts and life experiences in short intervals of 280 characters, stands out as an important platform in the huge world of social media. A crucial part of your online identity, connecting you to like-minded people, communities and influencers around the world, your Twitter username is at the center of this vibrant virtual environment.

However, our online personalities can change as we evolve and change. This is forcing many of us to start over or redefine who we are in the digital world. This is where the ability to change your Twitter handle can be useful. But if you don’t know how to proceed, this guide will help you.

Why You May Want to Change Your Twitter Username

As you mature personally and professionally, how you present yourself online may need to change. You can redesign yourself by changing your Twitter account to help your online personality reflect your current passions, goals, and professional path. A new username can indicate growth and help you build a more consistent and targeted online presence.

Changing your Twitter handle can also provide an extra degree of security. This is especially important when protecting your online privacy is paramount.

Moreover, our hobbies and passions change over time. If your current username no longer reflects your identity, your Twitter profile may benefit from a change.

What You Should Know Before Changing Your Twitter Username

Before changing your Twitter username, remember that the platform only allows usernames between four and 15 characters long. You can use numbers and underscores other than letters in your usernames. No other special characters are allowed.

And if you’re not happy with your new username, don’t worry. Unlike the process of changing your Instagram username, Twitter does not limit its users to how often they can change their username. You can revert to your old username if someone hasn’t claimed it before.

How to Change Your Twitter Username from Your Phone

Whatever your reason for changing your Twitter username, changing your username is easy.

  1. First, launch the Twitter app on your mobile device.
  2. Swipe right after login or profile icon to reveal the sidebar menu
    Twitter app - showing settings and support button
  3. Then tap . Settings and Support to reveal a drop-down menu.
  4. Faucet Settings and Privacy.
  5. Next, select Your account.
  6. tap Aaccount information.
    Twitter app - showing account info button
  7. choose User name.
  8. Then type your preferred new identifier.
  9. If your new username is available, select it Complete, and you are all set.
    Twitter app - change username
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How To Change Your Twitter Username From Your Computer?

You can also change your Twitter username online. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. First, log into your Twitter account.
  2. click More from the left sidebar menu.
    Twitter website - Showing more button
  3. Next, click Settings and Support.
  4. choose Settings and Privacy.
  5. After that click Your account.
    Twitter website - Showing Your Account button
  6. choose Account info.
  7. Click after that User name.
  8. Type your preferred new username.
    Twitter website - typing new username
  9. If your new identifier is available, click save, and you’re done. If it’s not available, you can’t progress any further.

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You can give your Twitter personality a new look by changing your Twitter username. It’s also a good idea to change your username before permanently deleting your Twitter account. Switching to a new Twitter handle can help hide your online identity; Plus, it’s easier and you won’t have to give up your followers and other memories associated with your account.

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