How to Change Your Location on Badoo

Badoo is an interesting mix of social networking and dating app that started life as a Facebook game. It went its own way a few years ago but has maintained a much lower profile than Tinder and the like. It looks and feels like Tinder but works differently. This tutorial will walk you through creating a profile and then changing your location on Badoo.

These two tasks account for most of the questions we get at TechJunkie, so I thought I’d answer both right away. If you have any other questions, you can always ask us.

Instead of just creating profile cards and letting you swipe left and right, Badoo tries to combine socializing with an element of dating. That means more work to chat with, but it usually means you’re making friends even if you’re not dating. The demographic is in the late teens to early twenties, and although there is no age limit, it is this range that makes up the majority of users.

Creating a profile on Badoo

While Badoo started on Facebook, it’s fortunately separate from it now. This means you don’t have to connect it or use your Facebook data if you don’t want to. I think it’s better to separate the two halves of your life and Badoo lets you do that.

  1. Visit the Badoo website and register. You will need to enter your name, date of birth, city, gender, email address and set a password.
  2. Confirm your e-mail address by clicking the link in the verification e-mail sent to you.
  3. Confirm your account by linking it to a social media account or use your phone. You can use Badoo as an unverified user but that will count against you.
  4. Upload an image or two from your control panel.

The verification process is unique, to say the least. Badoo will send you a picture with a specific pose. You should take and post a selfie mimicking this pose. The team will verify your image and then authorize your account. This is an extra step, but since the app is free to use, it goes a long way in eliminating most of the junk that usually plagues free dating apps.

Setting a profile picture requires the same foresight as sites like Tinder do. Sharpen the image, head and shoulders, smile and generally be approachable. Get a second opinion before uploading and set this as your profile picture.

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Change your location on Badoo

Changing your location on a dating app lets you see potential matches wherever you are at the time. This feature is asked so often in our dating app coverage that I thought I’d pick it up ahead of time and let you know right away.

To change your location on Badoo, do this:

  1. Open your Badoo profile and select the pencil icon to edit.
  2. In the Location section, select a new location or use a preset location from the drop-down menu.

Badoo uses your phone’s GPS to find out where it is. If you can’t change your location manually, turn off your phone’s GPS and try again. If you are using a web browser, turn off location services and try again.

Using Badoo

Since Badoo focuses more on the social aspect of dating, you won’t see a whole bunch of profile cards when you use it. Instead, you’ll see Badoo Encounters or People Nearby.

Badoo Encounters is a minigame similar to swiping but also different. Gender, distance, age, etc. You can set filters to show them and then review matching profiles. You can then heart them or move on. I think it looks like Hinge.

People Nearby is exactly what it says. It uses your location to search for local users. You can use the same filters from Badoo Encounters here to narrow your search.

Chatting on Badoo is simple. You’ll need to upload a picture to access this feature, but who wouldn’t use a picture on a dating profile? Once done, you can send a message to whoever you want at any time. There are some sensible controls, though. You can only send two messages to someone who doesn’t reply. If they answer, you can chat unlimited. If they don’t reply, you can no longer message them. This reduces some of the more annoying people online.

Badoo is different but also the same in terms of dating apps. He works hard to keep the fakes away, but he doesn’t always succeed. It authenticates users quite uniquely and has the usual filters you can use to make it easier to find a match. If you’re feeling like a change of scenery from Tinder, this might be it. Good luck with it!

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