How to Block Spam Messages on WhatsApp?

Emails, instant messaging apps – almost any medium of communication is vulnerable to spam. There are even unwanted calls, but it’s easy to block them. If you have been using Whatsapp for a long time, you may have noticed an increase in the number of spam messages you receive in recent months.

Fortunately, WhatsApp makes it easy to block and report unwanted messages easily. This ensures that such spam messages are automatically blocked in the future. Here’s how to effectively block unwanted messages on WhatsApp.

Are Spam Messages on WhatsApp Dangerous?

Simply put, spam puts you at risk of identity theft. These may seem like innocent and promotional messages from random numbers, but they want you to think so. Replying to these messages further jeopardizes the data you share with Whatsapp.

Some of these messages also contain links that may lead to malware or phishing scams. Whenever you receive a spam message, you should avoid clicking any item on it as much as possible.

Now, this does not mean that all spam messages are dangerous. Some are really just designed to advertise or get you to buy something. Considering that there are dangerous spam messages thrown into the mix, it’s best to stay safe and block them altogether.

How to Block Spam Messages on Whatsapp?

You cannot block spam messages directly. However, you can block the sender of the message so they don’t do it again. Here’s how.

  1. Look at the message thread containing the spam message. Be careful so you don’t click on any item in the message.
    An example of a potential spam message on WhatsApp.
  2. Tap the sender of the message in the upper left corner of the thread.
  3. To call Block Contact under the next menu.
    How to block a contact on WhatsApp.

If you really think a spam message is suspicious, you can tap on it. Report Contact additionally. This will automatically block the message sender and forward the last five messages to WhatsApp. This will help them improve their spam detection system.

How Do We Know If a Message Is Spam?

For starters, the WhatsApp message may come from an unknown number. Spammers may try to lure you in by offering a lucrative business, offers that are too good to be true, or by suggesting that you invest in crypto or bitcoin to make money.

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Another red flag is shortened links. These most likely lead to malware or phishing scams that will target your data.

Spam Is Much More Serious Than You Think

It’s easy to be bothered by spam, but they’re more than just a waste of space in your inbox. The dangers they pose to your online privacy and security are both real. You are doing yourself a huge favor by immediately blocking spam on your WhatsApp.

Your WhatsApp account is open to anyone who knows your number. Therefore, you may want to know who viewed your profile to find out who is trying to scam you.

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