How to Add Best Friends on Snapchat

Snapchat lets you send silly and weird snaps to all your friends and has been a popular form of social media since its inception. But you can’t get started very well without your Snapchat friends, or what’s the point of having the app? And if you’re going to get the #1 best friend (or even just the best friend) on the app, you definitely need to take a lot of photos. So to give you this crash course on Snapchat dating, we’ve compiled our Snapchat information on finding, adding, and getting it in one handy list.

How to Find and Add Friends

For a more detailed step-by-step look at finding and adding friends, see our article on finding friends on Snapchat. Or if you’re just looking for a quick explanation, take a quick look at our abbreviated list of methods. It’s pretty intuitive.

  • Method one: Find a friend using their Snapchat username. Do this by going to the Snapchat menu and tapping Add Friend, then Username.
  • Second Method: Find a friend using your phone’s contacts list. As before, go to Add Friend and tap on My Contacts.
  • Third Method: Find a friend using the attachment code. Take a photo of your friend’s instant code using your Snapchat camera.
  • Fourth method: Find a friend using a saved instant code. Go to Add Friend again and this time tap on Snapcode. Find instant code in recorded footage of your camera.

Make Your Friend Best Friend

Unfortunately, there’s no way to make someone just a best friend on Snapchat, or the title wouldn’t make that much sense. Snapchat itself (and their) assigns best friend or #1 best friend tags based on their snap habits, so you’ll need to do some work to help make that happen.

Best friends are shown with a smiley face. When you see this smiley next to your Snapchat friend’s username, you know he or she is a best friend. For that to happen, you will need to send them lots of snaps.

#1 Best friends are represented by a golden heart. It’s only partially up to you to make the best friend the #1 best friend; your best friend will have to put in just as much effort here as you. #1 best friends send each other more photos than each sends to anyone else. This means that they should not only catch the most of them, but also catch you the most.

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If you and your #1 best friends are really two peas in a pod, you might get a red heart (meaning you’re #1 best friend for two weeks in a row) or a double pink hearing (meaning you’re #1). best friends for two months in a row).

Be Careful: People Can Spy

Some emojis give other users a little bit of information about your instant habits because Snapchat doesn’t just use emojis to indicate how close friends you are. If the person you’re trying to be your #1 best friend isn’t responsive, they might find a grinning emoji next to their name. This means they’ll know you’ve sent them many more photos than they’ve sent you. Learn more about Snapchat friend emojis and what they mean.

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