How Can You Cancel Your Tinder Plus Subscription?

Tinder has become one of the most popular dating services online, with over 50 million regular users and over 20 billion matches as of August 2018. With so many pairings up, relationships that started on Tinder have become mundane, even the norm.

Meeting people is easy on Tinder, and the emphasis placed on matching and chatting online before deciding to meet in the real world makes the app a comfortable and safe place for many Tinder users.

It’s no surprise that many choose to upgrade to Tinder Plus, the premium version of the service.

Unlike many other social apps, Tinder offers a “Plus” subscription model that provides access to a host of new features. The Rewind feature is a popular favorite as it lets you rewind your previous swipe (right or left) to fix a mistake and change your answer for that person.

Tinder Plus users also have access to “Passport,” which allows them to preview and match with people in other locations, such as on a vacation or business trip, before boarding a plane. Probably the most used feature of Tinder Plus is the unlimited right swipe, ad-free experience and five “super likes” per day to use on other users.

However, you may find that Tinder Plus isn’t worth the cost for your needs or your budget is now tighter and you’re trying to save money. Maybe you found yourself in a relationship and you no longer need Tinder’s help. Or you may not be enjoying the premium features as much as you expected; there is nothing to be ashamed of.

The Tinder Plus service only charges users $9.99 per month or around $120 per year for access to a few Tinder premium features!

Even if Tinder Plus is working well for you, if you find that special someone you will probably want to unsubscribe completely.

If you forget to turn off your Tinder subscription, delete Tinder from all your devices, and the person you’re in a new relationship with finds out you’re still on Tinder, that person is likely to get mad at you, possibly even take the lead. until the end of the relationship.

Does deleting Tinder account stop payment?

Deleting your Tinder account will not cancel Tinder Plus. You can delete Tinder without canceling Tinder Plus, and conversely, you can cancel Tinder Plus without deleting Tinder. Deleting your Tinder account and canceling Tinder Plus are two different processes.

Unfortunately, Tinder Plus doesn’t immediately make it clear how to cancel your subscription, causing some users to pay for a service they no longer need, want, or use, sometimes months before they even realize it.

However, canceling Tinder Plus on Android and iOS is easy as long as you know what you’re doing and where to go. In-app subscriptions like Tinder Plus are handled directly through Google or Apple, making it quick and simple to cancel the service on either platform.

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So if you’ve decided to put Tinder Plus in your rearview mirror, let’s take a look at how you can unsubscribe. Note that what you’re really doing is canceling the “renewal” instead of canceling Tinder Plus right away. In other words, when you cancel Tinder Plus, you set it to not renew the next time it’s time to renew.

How to Cancel Tinder Plus on Android

If you’re an Android user, canceling your Tinder Plus subscription is like any other subscription service on Google Play.

Since Android uses the Google Play Store to keep track of every app subscription on your phone or tablet, all you have to do is open the Play Store. Let’s take a look at how to cancel Tinder Plus for Android:

Start by opening the Play Store using the shortcut on your home screen or using the app link in your app drawer. From here, tap the three-line menu item in the top right corner of your screen to open the Google Play menu. Tap “Account”—you’ll find the account near the bottom of this list.

From there you will want to tap on “Subscriptions” which will load a list of every subscription linked to your Google Play account. Depending on how many recurring subscriptions you have in your account, this page could be populated with dozens of apps, or maybe just a few.

Regardless, scroll through the list until you find where Tinder is listed and tap the selection. You will be presented with two different options: cancel and update. update allows you to change your credit card payment method (you can use your Play balance, Google Wallet balance, credit and debit cards and Paypal), but for the purposes of this tutorial, Cancel” choice.

Tap Cancel, then tap confirm in the pop-up message.

Alternatively, you can search for Tinder in the Play Store, find the app in your lists, go to the app’s page, tap “Manage Subscriptions”, then “Cancel”. Both methods will achieve the same goal, and neither takes particularly long.

You can also unsubscribe from any computer where you are logged into your Google account using the methods outlined above on Google Play’s own website. Start by going to the Google Play website, then tap “Account” in the side menu bar. Scroll down this list until you reach “Subscriptions” where you will see Tinder Plus listed.

Tap the “Unsubscribe” button, then confirm your choice.

Your Tinder Plus account will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle when your account returns to “Tinder Free” mode.

So don’t worry if your account doesn’t revert to the free version right away; this is normal. If you choose to return to the service, you can resubscribe to Tinder Plus at any time.

How to Cancel Tinder Plus on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Just as Android has multiple options for canceling your Tinder Plus subscription, so do iOS and the App Store. If you want to cancel your account from your iPhone or iPad or your desktop computer running iTunes, it’s easy to cancel your subscription in a few easy steps.

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Open the App Store from your home screen and swipe to the bottom of the apps page. Here you will find several different options for settings and account information.

Tap your Apple ID, tap “View Apple ID” and sign in with your password to view your information. Scroll through your account information until you reach the list of subscriptions and select “Manage”.

From your list of actively subscribed apps, tap Tinder from the list and select “Unsubscribe” or toggle the “Auto-Renew” slider on iOS to the off position.

If you previously opted to unsubscribe from Tinder Plus, the subscriptions list in the App Store should show your subscription expiration date on your screen.

You can also terminate your Tinder Plus service through iTunes on any computer as long as your account is signed into iTunes. To get started, open iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer and tap “Account” from the menu bar on Mac or at the top of the app on Windows.

iTunes account

When prompted, sign in to your Apple account here to continue.

On your account page, you’ll find an option for your account settings, just like we covered above on the iOS App Store. Under this heading, you will see a list of your current subscriptions.

Select this list by pressing “Manage” at the bottom of your screen. Find the Tinder Plus listing, tap “Unsubscribe” and then confirm your choice.

iTunes manage settings

As with the Android version, your Tinder Plus subscription will continue until the end of the billing period.


With Tinder Plus disabled on your phone, you can revert to a standard Tinder experience without having to worry about the monthly fee. The options are pretty neatly hidden, but once you know where to find them, it’s a quick and easy process to go through.

If you decide to miss out on the features that Tinder Plus has to offer like Rewind, Passport and a few extra super likes, you can reactivate your subscription anytime via the app itself so you change your mind and ‘Plus’ world, it’s easy to reactivate your account.

Can You Cancel Tinder Plus 12 Months?

Note that you won’t get your money back if things don’t work out, but you can cancel, meaning your Tinder Plus account won’t be renewed once your billing cycle is up. Instead of instant cancellation of your Tinder Plus account, you stop auto-renewal.

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