Hinge Does Not Fit – What To Do

Have you tried the dating app Hinge? Are you using it without success? Thinking of leaving and trying another app? If you’re not getting a match on Hinge, it’s probably not about you but more about how you put your profile together. This tutorial will help you do something about it.

Hinge has decided to take on Tinder’s dominance of the dating app game by trying something different and focusing on relationships rather than connections. While they try to do some things differently, most of them are the same. It’s still about looks and profile photos, still about what you say in a limited number of words on your profile and still trying your best to look attractive in a small space.

Reversing your hinge experience

Online dating is a marketing exercise where you are the product. Your Hinge profile is your sales page, your pictures are your product pictures and your profile is your product description. It may sound sarcastic, but it’s exactly the same. You need to get these images to sing and complete with a well-written profile that matches you, that moves the reader.

If you’re not getting matches on Hinge, it’s because your profile isn’t performing rather than anything about you. We can definitely do something about it.

call a friend

The first useful exercise to turn things around is to ask for a second opinion on your Hinge profile. If you know someone you can trust of the same gender or group you are trying to attract, ask them to look at your profile and honestly say what they think. You may not like what you hear, but an honest assessment from your target demographic is invaluable.

You can use their feedback to set up your profile for success. Write it down or remember it, but make sure you know where the shortcomings are and think about how you can work on them.

While getting your friend’s attention. Ask them what they think your USP is. What makes you different? What makes you special? What we think is special about ourselves and what others think can often be very different. We can use this later in your profile.

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Take new profile photos

While Hinge tries not to be as superficial as Tinder, it still is. All dating apps are inherent in the game. This means your profile pictures should be awesome. Selfies just don’t cut it, so you’ll have to get creative. Buy a phone tripod and use a timer, ask a friend or have a professional pick them up. Whatever you do, take loads of new, high-quality profile pictures.

Make sure your main image is alone, head and shoulders, eye contact, smiling or looking happy and in a comfortable environment. Additional pictures are a full-length shot of your friends, hobbies, cat or dog, showing your fashion sense, vacation or adventure shots, or doing something heroic. Make sure the images show your best, reflect the real you, and show that it would be great to hang out with someone.

Add them to your Facebook account and have Hinge retrieve them or add them directly to Hinge.

Write your new profile

You start your hinge return by answering all these initial questions and leaving some of them ‘Prefer not to say’. Enter your real age, height, and details like this, but I recommend leaving drugs, politics, family plans, and religious views as ‘Choose not to say’. You can fill them out if you want, but most potential dates don’t want to know any of them yet.

Then choose your three questions to answer. I suggest you pick one for the date, one for the wit, and one for the humor. For example, answer ‘I will choose the first part of history, you choose the second’ for date, ‘Key to my heart’ for humor, and ‘Dream dinner guest’ with smart choices for intelligence. These are great icebreakers and cover the three main aspects of attraction in dating apps.

Choose your tags carefully. Hinge lets you pick some tags that describe you in single terms, and they’re great if you pick the right ones. When choosing, consider how someone might see a ‘bookworm’ or ‘beach bum’ rather than how you view them. If they work and accurately describe you, use them.

As long as you tell the truth, are positive, optimistic, and accurately reflect your personality, your Hinge transformation should now be complete. Ask your friend to check your new profile and give other recommendations. Fine-tune it to reflect it and you’re ready!

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