“Freedom convoy”: Facebook bans accounts of social network administrators

Facebook accused of censoring freedom convoy

In this context, Facebook fired multiple managers In Telegram messages dedicated to the Movement for the past few days by the French Facebook group, they claim that the social network is trying to censor its actions. Several leaders supporting screenshots show that their Facebook account has been disabled. The social network allows you to appeal the decision for 30 days. After this period, the account will be permanently blocked.

The ‘freedom convoy’ group and its 360,000 users suffered the worst censorship ever”, In a video posted to YouTube, he explains Olivier Rohaut, who claims to be the protagonist and antivax of the movement. Facebook group deprived of three flagship managers, around 360,000 members, it has become inoperative. Posts should indeed be verified by an administrator.

Questioned by our colleagues at BFM TV, Facebook argues that executives are trying to inflate subscriber numbers as follows. create fake accounts. “In France, as in other countries, we deleted groups, personal accounts and pages associated with these protest movements because we broke some of the rules of our platforms, especially because we spammed and tricked people to monetize their attention.explains Facebook, which has denied wanting to censor the movement.

In the past, Facebook has made more radical decisions to put an end to a momentum gaining momentum on its platform. In 2019, the social network did not hesitate to remove the event that organized the occupation of Area 51.

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