Finding the Best GIFs for Tinder

Tinder is more than a dating app. It is a social phenomenon that affects the whole world. Sometimes when you’re chatting with someone, you just can’t express yourself with words. GIFs are a new communication tool mostly recognized by the younger generation.

Tinder is full of teenagers, so it’s the perfect platform for GIFs. GIFs have been a part of Tinder since 2017, but some users still struggle with the feature. This article will show you how to find the best Tinder GIFs for almost any occasion.

How to Send GIFs on Tinder

Sending GIFs on Tinder is actually very simple. Thanks to the collaboration with Giphy, you can post GIFs on Tinder just like you do on other social networks like Facebook. You can download Tinder for free from Google Play or the official App Store.

Once you have Tinder installed and updated to the latest version, you can start matching and chatting with people. To start sending GIFs, you need to enter the Messages screen on Tinder and start a chat.

You can try sending a GIF message to a friend or potential crush. When you open the chat, the GIF button will wait for you to the left of the Message field. When you tap the GIF button, you can search for the GIF you want to send.

An actor, movie, song, etc. If you’re looking for a specific GIF, the best keywords for GIF searches are emotions or people. Most of the GIFs you can find on Tinder are suitable for this dating platform.

Once you find the perfect GIF, you can tap on it and it will be sent immediately. However, if your internet connection is slower, it may take a few seconds.

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Best Statuses for Sending Tinder GIFs

Not every situation is suitable for sending GIFs on Tinder. You have to figure this out on your own. If it feels right, you’re probably good to go. Sometimes GIFs can express your feelings better than words.

If you find out that your partner has something in common with you, you can send them relevant GIFs. This can improve their mood and possibly bring you closer. Some GIFs might be funny, witty or good icebreakers, while others might be inappropriate. Again, it’s up to you to decide.

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You need to evaluate your match’s reaction to the GIF you sent. Maybe sending multiple GIFs in a row isn’t a good idea. If there is no reaction, definitely avoid sending GIFs to them in the future.


The Best Tinder GIFs

The best Tinder GIFs are hard to describe. They change from situation to situation. While large, Tinder’s GIF library may be small for true GIF enthusiasts.

In that case, your best bet is to call Giphy. Search for context-appropriate categories. You can also start with the hashtag “flirt” if you think your partner will like it. Just type it into the search field in Giphy. You will get hundreds of results and of course some of them will click on your match.

You can ask their favorite actor through a casual chat and then send them a GIF with movie lines or jokes. For example, you can search for Dwayne Johnson and you will have hundreds of quality GIFs at your disposal. There are also countless GIFs with other popular actors and actresses.

Maybe something better suited to Tinder is the keyword “cute.” If your partner loves cats then search for cat GIFs, if he is a dog lover then dog GIFs etc. use it.

Plus, you can almost never go wrong with a funny GIF. Find the relevant one. GIFs from popular TV shows and cartoons are a pretty safe bet. If you’re looking to encourage a conversation that’s getting a little stale, a completely random funny GIF can save the day.

If your match is a sports fan hit them with a GIF of their favorite team. If you’re in a cheeky mood, you can also send them a GIF of the opposing team to spice up the conversation.

Of course, if your partner is a romantic soul, you should choose a romantic GIF. If you’re having trouble finding one, ask a trusted friend to help you choose. Be careful and don’t push too hard, you don’t want to seem hopeless or worse, intimidating. Also, sending romantic GIFs is not recommended until you have established a connection with your partner.

GIFs with dark humor, witty insights, and bold quotes are also a good idea if your partner is sarcastic and angry. Rick & Morty, Breaking Bad, and Dr. Think House. There are also bold quotes and dark jokes in Futurama and South Park.

Color the Environments with GIFs

Put some effort and effort and you can find a good GIF for almost any occasion. Don’t spam your match with GIFs, because if they’re not too interested in GIFs this can turn them off. You know that texting your partner is a delicate process.

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Well, sending GIFs is that sensitive. Perhaps the best solution is to go with the flow and be creative. What are your favorite GIFs? Let us know in the comment section.