Facebook will soon no longer have the right to use minors’ data for commercial purposes

Facebook’s parent company, users of the messaging app children can only communicate with pre-authorized persons by parents, it was actually possible in some cases to communicate with strangers. The social network would not honor a commitment made in 2020 following the Cambridge Analytica lawsuit, which forced it to take adequate measures to protect the private data of minors.

Accordingly, the FTC, among other sanctions,Prohibiting Meta from monetizing the data of users under 18. The Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection says: Facebook has repeatedly failed to keep its data protection promise. The company’s recklessness has put its young users at risk, and Facebook must be held accountable for its failures.

Facebook will no longer be allowed to use children’s data for commercial purposes

Rather than correcting the seriousness of the charges made and the severity of the proposed sanction, Facebook counterattacked through the press “It’s a political stunt. Despite three years of engagement with the FTC around our deal, we haven’t had the opportunity to discuss this entirely new theory.” To clear itself, the company goes so far as to point to the supposed laxity of the authorities, pointing to TikTok, another social network that has the right to “operate on American soil without any restrictions.”

In addition, a representative of the company tweeted, “Two incidents that the FTC took to support its decision were discovered and repaired by us three years ago and made available to the public.” In addition to the fact that Meta and all of its affiliates would collect data from users under the age of 18 (except for security reasons), if the ban on the use of minors’ data had been implemented.to use this information for commercial purposes after users have reached the age of majority.

Source : Technical Crisis

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