Facebook will give you better control of your news feed, it’s time

Facebook is a company that is constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Profits have plummeted, and even Meta’s in-house AI, BlenderBot3, is considering it. Mark Zuckerberg ‘very scary’ and ‘manipulative’. A good way to raise the bar and improve the company’s image would be to give users more control. They complain that their News Feed is now filled with too many spam posts.

The company announced on its blog that users of the service can specify whether they want more or less of this or that type of content in each post in their news feed. Meta isn’t just using AI to fire employees, Facebook’s parent company is also using it to tailor the social network’s news feed. Until now, AI was happy to create a topic based on your habits and interactions, and currently, when you click on a friend’s, a group’s, or a page’s post, you can simply hide the post or report it.

Facebook will make its AI more efficient by giving control back to users

The new setting introduced by Facebook will allow you to ask Meta algorithms to show more posts of this or that type, or vice versa. As a user, you will intervene directly. Sorting by Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence. This menu is not currently optional, you will see it appear in the News feed from time to time. Social network engineers want to generalize to each post by clicking three little dots in each post and Videos in the near future.

Also, the company continues to add settings to your feed’s Preferences menu. Soon it will be possible to specify the number of publications in this menu. So after browsing your News Feed, if you think you’re seeing too many posts from your loved ones, you can go to your News Feed’s Preferences menu and adjust the displayed posts in more detail.

Source : Facebook

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