Facebook, Whatsapp… Meta forces you to use its artificial intelligence, you have no choice!

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Users since end of 2023 Meta apps saw it emerge new artificial intelligence integrations, especially in search areas. For example, by opening the search bar Facebook Or instagramA. blue circle now the warning is “Ask Meta IA anything”. This ubiquity suggests there’s a strong push from the company to make its AI assistant indispensable, even for users who are skeptical or unwilling to use the technology.

The new commands and auto-suggestions are based on Meta’s artificial intelligence and are clearly indicated by the Meta logo. meta artificial intelligence. However, traditional functions are still accessible; users can continue searching as before, but the results provided by artificial intelligence are now more visible and sometimes intrusive in ordinary flows.facebook metafacebook meta

Facebook, Whatsapp… How to disable Meta’s artificial intelligence? Spoiler, you can’t!

When you tap the search icon (the little magnifying glass) on Facebook, you’ll be presented with not only the regular search bar, but also examples of questions you can ask Meta’s AI. Unfortunately it looks like there isn’t not possible For disable completely this functionality. AI-powered search suggestions are mixed with standard results. compulsory It allows the user to practically interact with it even for simple searches.

Instagram and WhatsApp have less intrusive AI integration compared to Facebook, but the principle remains the same. This first one only appears in the search bar. It is treated in the second like another person. It is possible to delete your conversation with him to reduce its impact, but icon continues. Secondly, it is ready to restart a new dialogue with the AI ​​if necessary, so it is difficult to see this. impossible To get rid of your existence completely.

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