Facebook Messenger will remove its app from Apple Watch

The company has confirmed that Meta has discontinued its Messenger app for the Apple Watch on May 31. Apple Watch users who install the app will be notified” Note that Messenger will no longer be available as an Apple Watch app after May 31, but you can still receive Messenger notifications on your watch. “.

The Messenger app was introduced on the Apple Watch in 2015 with the ability to send audio clips, stickers and reply messages from the smartwatch, but did not allow carrier to send text replies. Writing a message on a small screen is not a very fun and easy thing anyway.

End Messenger clap on Apple Watch

Over the years, many developers have dropped support for the Apple Watch. A number of top app manufacturers, including Google Maps, Amazon, eBay, Slack, and Target, have disabled their standalone apps for the Apple Watch, and now it’s Meta’s turn to drop the app.

Apple slowly Stopped promoting the Apple Watch as an app home page, the company focuses on fitness and health functions as a core feature. Recent rumors suggest that Apple plans to make a large part of the watchOS 10 redesign into interactive widgets, which is interpreted as proof that custom apps are not popular enough.

Several factors may explain Meta’s decision. Firstly, limited interaction hurt the app’s appeal. This may have impressed its potential audience. Meta is also laying off nearly 10,000 of its employees and refocusing its efforts to cut costs. That means scrapping less important projects, and Messenger for the Apple Watch probably wasn’t a top priority.

Again, On the Android side, Meta adopts a completely different strategy.. As we reported a few days ago, the company has launched a WhatsApp app for connected watches under Wear OS 3. That’s why the company is turning away from the watch market in general, but only from the Apple Watch. As a reminder, the Meta Messenger app will be discontinued as of May 31.

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