Facebook, Instagram: Don’t look for anything illegal, social networks know everything!

In an effort to strengthen the fight against piracy, social networks Facebook and Instagram will now warn you when you search for a term that may lead to illegal content.

Social networks have long been much more than just sharing platforms from our holiday photos or our current mood. These services, which have hundreds of millions of users, are now facing the following problems: piracy. Every day, Facebook And instagram to take thousands of copyright infringement complaints. So much so that some rights holders consider the two networks “notorious markets” for illegally obtaining protected content.

Their parent company, Meta, does not want such a label and is taking various measures to achieve this. fight against piracy. This is also an obligation included in the Digital Services Law.European Union. For example, you cannot add hashtags on Instagram #Z-Librarytakes its name from the famous site downloading e-books illegally. same for me #IPTV. And if you insist on putting them, your account automatically disabled. From now on these search terms Which ones are targeted?

Facebook and Instagram will warn you if you search for an illegal term

The exact list of words affected is unknown, but “deluxe copy” and “IPTV” are mentioned. Meta explains it this way: “When users type certain terms related to counterfeiting and piracy […] In the Facebook or Instagram search bar, they are directed to a pop-up explaining Meta’s policy against intellectual property infringement […]”. If you click “Continue” you will still access the search.

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The stated goal is to “reduce user engagement with potentially fake or pirated content while providing education.” [aux problématiques de la violation des droits d’auteur]”. It wasn’t specified, but Meta will almost certainly be collecting data to find out whether the pop-up actually has a deterrent effect. Will they be used for them? close accounts People who don’t take this into consideration? We ignore it for now.

Source : TorrentFreak

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