Facebook crashed, news feed completely broken!

Between 7 am and 8 am this morning, Facebook users started posting the following warning on social networks: your friends’ posts disappeared from their news feeds. The latter has completely changed and now only shows fan messages to celebrities.

If Mr. Dupont decides to greet his favorite artist’s latest song, anyone following this star will be able to see his message in their news feed. Of course, once users understand how the new News Feed works, some will take advantage of the opportunity. Message their favorite celebrities even more to fill other users with posts.

Facebook removes your friends’ posts

Facebook has not yet made an official statement about this change, but everything leads to believing it’s a simple mistake of the algorithmand said that in the next few hours everything will be back to normal. Facebook’s collapse would not be the first, we remember experiencing another global outage a few months ago.

For now, it is not possible to know whether Facebook or the social network was attacked by malicious hackers who made a mistake by changing its algorithm. The problem appeared more than an hour ago, strange to see that the social network did not publish any statement.

We see on Twitter that users from all over the world are facing this problem, so it may be generalized to all users of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. Such a problem could encourage more Internet users to leave Facebook for other platforms.. The social network is already not in the best shape, because for the first time in its history the company has experienced a decline in turnover and profits.

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