Facebook and Instagram: Toplessness won’t be taboo anytime soon

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Last Monday, meta control board It has created real disdain on Instagram. Indeed, it invalidated the platform’s decision to withdraw two publications. bare-chested transgender and non-binary people, but with hidden nipples. Not content with reversing the social network’s original decision, 20 “wise men”, including Nobel Peace Prize laureates, lawyers and various experts, recommended that Meta review the “nudity and adult sexual relations activities” that were not open and respectful enough. at the discretion of human rights.

Supervisory Board decided two separate Instagram posts from the same couple. The two photos posted evoked the future sexual reassignment operation of one of the couple’s members, according to legend. She wanted to crowdfund to get her breasts removed. Far from being erotic or shocking, the photos were detected by Meta’s automatic nudity detection feature. And twice the system deleted them.

Facebook and Instagram will relax nudity rules in the name of gender equality

sure of your rights, two netizens appealed the decision She shared her Instagram with Meta, then forwarded the issue to the Supervisory Board. They got a lot of good as their broadcasts were back online as soon as it was announced that the wise men would decide their cases. In conclusion, Facebook and Instagram will have to change their policies in terms of nudity.

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According to Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former prime minister and board member of Denmark, “current policy is based on a dual vision of gender”. It forces moderators to make quick and subjective decisions. There are exceptions to the rule, but they are vague. Facebook and Instagram would really benefit from changing their nudity policies. For users as well as moderators whose daily life can be a real hell.

Source : supervisory board

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