Facebook and Instagram change the code of the websites you visit to better spy on you

Today we will no longer surprise anyone by saying Facebook, Instagram and finally all social networks. spying on its users and collecting their personal data. Business models are now understood by the majority of Internet users and nevertheless accepted by most. But what is less well known are the different techniques these web giants use to learn as much about you as possible.

For this reason, many cybersecurity experts continue to scrutinize social networks to determine how they collect the mountains of data they have. This is especially true of Felix Krause, who recently made a particularly interesting discovery. According to him, applications of Meta to follow you anywhere on the internet and know exactly what you clicked.

Facebook and Instagram inject code into websites to track you

At first glance, nothing too new is on the horizon. On the other hand, what Felix Krause explained is that Facebook and Instagram injecting code directly into visited sites to spy on users. To do this, they take advantage of their in-app browser, which opens when you click a link instead of a traditional browser like Chrome or Safari.

“The Instagram app injects tracking code into every website viewed, including when an ad is clicked, allowing it to track all user interactions such as every button and link tapped, text selections, screenshots and any form input like passwords. addresses and credit card numbers”explains Felix Krause,

In total these 18 lines of code so it is added to the initial code of the sites visited. Meta, on the other hand, defends itself by emphasizing that this method is not against the terms of use accepted by Internet users. “We deliberately developed this code to honor user choices [concernant la collecte de données] on our platforms »even a spokesperson said.

Source : Guard

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