Facebook: Accounts hacked by Russia make people believe Ukraine has surrendered

As you know, Russia and Belarus have increased cyberattacks on Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict. The country is a regular target of dreaded malware like Wiper, which targets computers of many corporations by deleting all data saved in the process.

But Meta (Facebook) announced on Friday, April 8, 2022 removal of various disinformation operations and piracy by Russia and its allies. In its quarterly report on “hostile operations” carried out by States or private groups relating to its servicesThe American group explains that it has detected and stopped several Russian cyberattacks.

Meta states that it has detected several attempts. Hacking Facebook accounts of Ukrainian soldiers. This operation, carried out by the Belarusian GhostWriter group, aimed to hijack these accounts and distribute fake videos. urged the Ukrainian army to surrender. Meta ensures that compromised accounts are deleted and these videos are blocked from being distributed.

Meta stopped several Russian hacking attempts

The social network later announced that it had detected another string of disinformation operations, this time led by the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a branch of the Russian intelligence services specializing in disinformation about social networks. This group was particularly distinguished during the American presidential election in 2016.

The IRA has evolved significantly. Used fake sites and fake social media accounts to spread fake news About the war in Ukraine. “In January and February 2022, their site published articles on police brutality in Western countries, blaming Russia’s attack on NATO and accusing the Ukrainian military of deliberately targeting civilians. details Meta.

Besides, Meta announces it has deleted nearly fifty Facebook pages Kim specifically coordinated the accounts and pages of the collective report critical of Russia. The goal is to lead their elimination. As a reminder, the United States announced yesterday that it is resisting a world-class cyberattack by removing Russian malware that has infiltrated numerous systems/networks around the world.

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