Emmanuel Macron wants to distribute Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Emmanuel Macron, who is a candidate for a second term as President of France, gave a long interview to the weekly newspaper Le Point. A river article in which he expresses his opinions in the face of recent national and international events and defends not only a part of his balance sheet, but also his program. Digital questions were included in this interview. Emmanuel Macron did not hesitate either. finger social media.

According to him, social networks greatly contribute to the spread of misinformation and a certain form of violence. ” A box [y] killing reputations, spreading fake news, driving people to suicide “, he believes. Two justifications are given by the President. First, he points to the anonymity that protects the perpetrators of his crimes, while defending the principle by the current Digital Minister of State, Cédric O.

Emmanuel Macron also wants Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to be separated

He then accuses the leaders of their social networks and their ultra-liberal visions that have driven them to be ubiquitous. Emmanuel Macron invokes a solution to defend and protect himself: Do not hesitate to consider the liquidation of those in a monopoly situation. “. Mark Zuckerberg’s band does not name Meta, but reference is obvious. Because Meta is accused of abusing its dominant position in Europe and across the Atlantic after the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram. The US also wants Meta to sell both of its apps.

It upsets the fact that no major social networks are French or European. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, American or Chinese. In this interview the candidate, therefore, reaffirms his intention.Providing France with the means to achieve its digital sovereignty, mobile apps, cloud, cybersecurity, and even virtual reality (and metadatabase). A project that, even if elected on April 24, 2022, cannot see the fruits of it as president: It will take 10 years for this to happen..

Source : Point

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