Elon Musk will finally ban accounts that make fun of him

The takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk is slowly turning into a complete fiasco. The billionaire promised to make the network the nerve center of freedom of speech. But the limits of this sweet dream were quickly reached, and now, Musk says he won’t let parody accounts proliferate if not marked as is.

The crux of the problem is clearly the new verification system Musk is trying to implement. A person paying $8 a month can impersonate anyone, with the little blue dot to “legitimate” it. most chief tweet learned the hard way.

Elon Musk revises his identity theft policy

In the face of this flood of ridicule, Elon Musk has finally backed down on identity theft. In a tweet (obviously), he announced that any account impersonating someone else without mentioning “parody” would be banned immediately without warning. Those who own Twitter Blue and change their account name will lose verification for a while to verify that everything is ok.

In short, Musk is starting to realize the problems he will have to face in the future. As a reminder, Twitter thinks it’s not profitable enough and therefore wants users to pay for the blue dot. No more verification will be required, just pay $8 per month to take advantage of it.

In another tweet, Musk says He said he would not ban an account that follows air travel. A completely legal account that does not violate any laws or Twitter rules. Sir, very good.

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