Elon Musk urges US authorities to probe Twitter

Almost a day goes by without another joke that Elon Musk has a twist on Twitter takeover. Yesterday, the businessman said that the deal will not continue until the company has fully disclosed how many fake accounts it hosts. This question has been at the center of the dispute between the two sides since last week. Twitter claims that only 5% of active accounts are bots, while Elon Musk says they are at least 20%.

Also, supporters of the billionaire are expressing their disappointment at seeing the platform take a hiatus. One user says:The SEC should investigate whether Twitter’s claims are true. If Twitter is found to be lying on official records, serious consequences and complete distrust from investors can be expected.”.

Elon Musk urges SEC to help with its investigation

As a reminder, the SEC, or the Securities and Exchange Commission, is the agency responsible for monitoring and regulating American markets. Therefore, he is directly involved in the acquisition of Twitter’s size. However, it doesn’t seem to have any comments for now. This is exactly what Elon Musk is pointing out.

In response to the tweet above, the billionaire asked the SEC directly: “Is there someone?”, therefore, openly requests the organization’s assistance in investigating fake Twitter accounts. A somewhat ironic request describing the turbulent relationship between the SEC and Elon Musk. As a matter of fact, they did not hesitate to call the employees of the organization “bastards” in the past.

Due to the SEC’s multiple involvements in the billionaire’s and Tesla’s affairs in particular, Tesla therefore did not hesitate to call the organization by a few bird names and make it the subject of a few serious jokes. hidden. Also, it’s very possible that this footstep is definitely a joke. As always, it’s best to take Elon Musk’s comments on Tweeter a bit back.

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