Elon Musk trusts Twitter creator to win his case

As you may know, The legal standoff between Elon Musk and Twitter will begin on October 17, 2022.. As a reminder, the social network decided to sue the billionaire after he chose to forego the bluebird’s purchase for the astronomical $44 billion.

In the process, Elon Musk filed a complaint against Twitter, arguing that the social network was delivering erroneous figures about the platform’s actual number of users (the extension can be monetized).

Elon Musk trusts Jack Dorsey’s testimony

Before the trial begins, each side is currently preparing its own witness list Who do they want to call the bar? And quite surprisingly, Elon Musk’s lawyers decided to include it in their selection. a certain Jack Dorsey, the creator and former CEO of Twitter. As a matter of fact, a restriction motion was sent to him, at least obliging him. provide confidential documents on the activities of the social network.

By calling Jack Dorsey to the bar, we suspect Elon Musk is hopeful. have additional knowledge of “false numbers” Information is given about the number of spam and robots found on the platform by Twitter, as well as the calculation method used, the procedure for identifying fake accounts, or the amount of bonuses received by the management based on financial results.

Note that Elon Musk has already achieved a first victory in this case. Indeed, Judge Kathleen McCornick took to Twitter. Providing documents belonging to Kayvon Beykpourformer general manager of the consumer division of the social network.

Searching for Twitter’s creator remains a risky bet

Still, looking for Jack Dorsey is a risky bet for several reasons. We know the two billionaires are friends, who publicly supported the position taken by Twitter creator Elon Musk. But as Tesla’s boss decided to back off, Jack Dorsey has been particularly quiet about this. In fact, it’s hard to know at the moment to whom Dorsey is allegiance.

Another point is that it is not certain whether Jack Dorsey’s statements serve the interests of the Musk team. Federal Judge Kathleen McCormick has repeatedly pointed out this trial was not about fake accounts, but that of a billionaire who promised to buy a company for billions of dollars before he changed his mind. In fact, the information that Jack Dorsey might uncover brings nothing to the file under investigation, in any case it is a possibility. We will get the answer on October 17, 2022.

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