Elon Musk humiliated on Twitter after stealing a meme from a satirical site

For those not following the lawsuit, Elon Musk on Sunday stole a meme from Hard-Drive.net and deliberately cut off the watermark giving credit to the site. This was a screenshot of an article” “Zodiac Killer Letter” solved by opening it with VLC Media Player “. That’s why Hard Disk asked the billionaire to quickly cite the source.but Elon Musk obviously didn’t want to hear anything.

Well, if you do something that looks like a meme and someone (not me) pops your name, that’s it. Plus, it’s only a 6/10 breast, so get off your high horse! The Selfless Art of Anonymous Meme Makers Will Admire “, can we read it in a tweet?

Elon Musk is rapidly losing the war he started on Twitter

The satirical site specifically provoked the billionaire by announcing that he would buy himself a horse if he stopped clipping the site’s name in memes he shared on Twitter. This of course refers to the sexual assault accusation that Musk has been facing for several weeks. As a reminder, The billionaire would like to offer the SpaceX flight attendant a horse in exchange for an erotic massage.. Elon Musk also lost 10 billion euros from his wealth, especially due to the fall in Tesla’s price in the stock market after his accusations.

Hard Disk, “ Ok let me know what you think about it Along with a link to another of his article titled ” Elon Musk admits he wants to go to Mars because no one hates him there “. A small war begins and continues between Elon Musk, who is trying to throw a spade into the Hard Drive. The site mocks Elon Musk’s performance during his appearance on Saturday Night Live, for example.disguised as billionaire Wario.

After two requests from Hard Drive, Elon Musk has openly surrendered. Tesla and SpaceX CEO deletes original tweet. In short, therefore, it is better not to provoke a satirical site on social networks.

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