Elon Musk enforces extreme rules on Twitter, employees resign en masse

Elon Musk, who laid off half of the company’s employees days after the $44 billion takeover, spooked a new wave of employees. Recently, Elon Musk asked his employees to adhere to a “hard” corporate culture. otherwise they were invited to take the door.

Among the new rules introduced, Elon Musk especially asks employees not to count working hours and to commit to “very busy” work. Strictly follow management’s instructions.

Hundreds of Twitter employees jumped overboard

Yesterday, at 23:00 French time, Twitter employees had to let the company know if they were ready to stay there and accept the grueling work culture. asked by its new owner, Elon Musk. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of employees denied it and publicly announced on their personal pages that they would resign.

According to the news, those who decide to leave the company will receive a three-week severance pay if they accept certain conditions that are not yet known. According to Zoe Schiffer, owner of the platform, Musk and other employees who decided to stay aren’t even sure who’s leaving at this point. Worse still, in an act of paranoia, Musk has locked down his Twitter headquarters for fears outgoing employees will sabotage the company.

Numerous key employees were laid off

According to the information gathered by various media outlets, the designers who lead Elon Musk’s Blue Verified project, which includes a $ 8 a month fee certificate, have left. The chief web engineer is also said to have jumped ship. Many Twitter employees who were protecting critical infrastructure quit their jobs.


While Twitter has gotten into the habit of quickly disabling access for employees leaving the company, for now, everyone would always have access to their personal account. The explanation would be pretty simple: Employees responsible for managing their colleagues’ reach were laid off or resigned overnight.

For example, Alex Cohen was responsible for managing badge access to Twitter offices. Elon Musk and other leaders have sadly found themselves locked out by completely removing employee access to the facilities. That’s why the billionaire begged the employee he just fired to come to their aid.. Secondly, he probably would have accepted as he was immediately thanked by Elon Musk on Twitter” Thank you for your help. You are the savior! “.

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What will happen to Twitter?