Elon Musk earns over 100,000 euros per month with Twitter followers alone

Recently, Twitter offers its users a subscription system that allows the most popular accounts access to monetization by asking their most loyal followers to pay a monthly amount set by them. Just like with Twitch, this subscription gives access to various benefits such as exclusive tweets and a special badge when interacting with the creator being followed.

Of course, Elon Musk offers his followers to subscribe to his account for exclusive content. subscription $5 a monthReceived from 24,700 dedicated users. A screenshot shared by the billionaire to promote this service really reveals this.

Elon Musk earns around 80,000 euros per month thanks to his Twitter followers

So a quick calculation makes it possible to determine that with this service alone, Elon Musk earns $123,500 per month, or approximately. 112.000 €. A nice sum that still has to be deducted a few tens of thousands of euros to get the businessman’s real income. Indeed, if the user has subscribed to a smartphone subscription, the Play Store or App Store saves 30% of this amount.

So, if all subscribers use their smartphones, Elon Musk actually gets $86,450 per month, or a little over 100. 78,000 €, Including the commission Twitter takes from these payments. We agree there is a certain amount, but it won’t make a big difference in the bank account of the second richest man in the world. As we do not subscribe to his account ourselves, it is difficult to say what advantage this subscription actually provides. However, let’s bet that this sum will probably be more useful to someone else.

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