Elon Musk deliberately broke Twitter so everyone can see his tweets

In the photo, a woman forcibly grabs the other’s head to force her to drink milk. The dominant one is “Elon Musk’s tweets” and the latter represents Twitter. that’s for sure this is an incredibly dangerous joke The billionaire admitted that a bug persists on his newly acquired platform. For several hours, all users were bombarded with tweets from the CEO.

Quickly, a link is made with a recent report by Platformer revealing that it was Elon Musk. not particularly happy with his tweets not being visible, so it goes so far as to fire one of its employees. Rumor has it that the billionaire manipulated the social network’s algorithm in order to be seen by everyone. The rumor has now been confirmed by our colleagues at The Verge.

Elon Musk tampered with Twitter’s algorithm because of his broken ego

It all starts on Monday, February 13. On the occasion of the Super Bowl final, Elon Musk tweeted his support for the Philadelphia Eagles, one of two teams competing for the championship. Not only that: Joe Biden also sparked the wrath of the Twitter owner by tweeting about the incident. The president’s tweet was watched 29 million times, while Elon Musk’s was watched only 9.1 million times..

Absolutely unacceptable for the billionaire. At 2:36 p.m. Twitter staffers receive a message on Slack from Elon’s cousin, James Musk. “We’re solving an interaction issue on the platform. Anyone who can create a dashboard and write software can help resolve this issue. It’s very urgent. »

Last Sunday, Elon Musk ordered a meeting with 80 employees to address this popularity issue. The businessman was very clear: their team’s number one priority is now getting their boss’s tweets to generate more engagement.Q. Engineers will then search for the cause of this phenomenon for several hours.

elon musk twitter

The first is organic. Following the Twitter takeover, many users simply Banned Elon MuskTired of seeing his name constantly appearing on the platform. For the latter, the engineers were powerless. On the other hand, it was still possible for them. manipulating the algorithm in favor of their boss. After a while, the solution is distributed. Elon Musk’s tweets now enjoy the “For you” tab right, which means no filters are applied to the billionaire.

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The next day, Elon Musk is heavily featured in the news feed of many users, most of whom do not subscribe to his profile. According to one employee, each of his tweets brought a benefit.n Artificial support that makes it 1000 times more visible Numbers don’t lie: During this period, the billionaire had at least 40 million impressions per tweet.

It didn’t take long for the other side of the coin to appear. Many users complained about seeing Elon Musk in their News Feeds constantly. one more discussion around the management of the platform by the latter. At the end of the morning, the second indicates that the problem has been resolved. Yet, according to one employee, the support he had has definitely dwindled, but it was continued.

“He bought the company, taking care to point out what he believed had been corrupted and manipulated under the previous leadership, then somersaulted and manipulated the platform to force all users to hear only it.”witnessing the latter. “I think it is no longer possible to believe that you truly want the best for everyone here”.

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