Effects of a Hacker News Post

I opened this blog yesterday. I made a post on it titled Prevent Screen Scraping. I learned a bit about things I need to improve in my future blogging process, but still…. I did something to promote the blog, I went and posted it on Hacker News. Frankly, I had no idea whether the article would be published or not. Luckily I can say it was quite an adrenaline rush. I’m not sure exactly which, I believe it climbed as high as #2 or #3. I realize these types of posts have probably been made before, but since I started this blog the day my post was published, I think it provides a somewhat unique perspective.

I didn’t tweet, I didn’t post on Facebook, I didn’t say anything to anyone. The full effects were not 100% realized, but I dropped to about 40 visitors in the past hour. I think it’s safe to assume that at most a few hundred visitors will drip more. It was interesting to watch the link spread across different social media and websites. Only 65% ​​of total traffic comes from URLs owned by Hacker News. The rest came from various aggregators, readers and social networks. I don’t think I realized exactly how popular Hacker News was until I saw all the effects filtered out on my own website.

As you can see, it resulted in over 10,000 visitors and a little more than 43 comments to the post.

Top 5 referral tools behind Hacker News:

  • excitement
  • google reader
  • inbound.org
  • p.ost.im
  • Pulse News Reader

22% of visitors came from a mobile device. Wow

I’ve included a few different screenshots below for your viewing pleasure. If you have any further questions about the data I’d be happy to share, just post in the comments below.

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