Does Watching My Own Video Increase Instagram Views?

It’s always nice to see a capital K next to the number of views on your Instagram videos. However, getting thousands of views is not easy. Some users may resort to watching their own videos as a simple hack to increase views.

The number of views of your Instagram videos can be an indicator of how successful you are. More followers doesn’t always equal success because it’s your content that keeps people engaged. Posting great content regularly is one way to grow your Instagram influencer status. However, how do you get more views? Does watching your own videos increase your view count?

Although it may seem like cheating; Does it really increase the number of views? Although the answer to this question varies, there are ways to increase your view count. Instagram has a set of rules and regulations around displaying video view counts to prevent potential abuse that could cause heartburn to marketers.

Does Watching Your Own Videos Count?

If you watch your video for more than three seconds, the view counter will increase by one. Do this a few times and your views will increase.

Of course, this will work if all you’re looking for is more views. But how does it actually help you? From an analytical perspective, there’s a lot more you need to do to become a successful influencer and maybe even monetize your account.

If that’s your goal, keep reading.

How Does Instagram Count Video Views?

The number of views you get for each Instagram video is displayed just below the post. You can tap the views to get a better idea of ​​the interactions on that video and see all the people who liked it.

Unfortunately, you cannot see all the people who viewed your video. However, you will have an idea of ​​which videos do better than others. This can help you critique your creations and therefore engage more with your followers.

Instagram counts a single view from each profile that views your video. This means that when you post a video and watch it for more than three seconds, a view will be counted. The same rule applies to other Instagram users who see the clip. However, if you go back and look at the video again in our recent tests, the second view doesn’t count.

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There is a very simple way to test the video count principle. You can create a fake Instagram account with 0 followers and upload a video to it. After uploading the video, you will be able to see the only view from your profile. You can also watch the video a second time to make sure it doesn’t count as another view.


Based on our testing in October 2020, view counts aren’t always accurate. But there is something you can do to increase your account every time; use another profile. It may seem obvious, but Instagram makes it super easy to have multiple accounts. All you have to do is long press your profile icon in the bottom right corner to switch back and forth.

Tap the search icon and open the profile with the video, watch more than three seconds. When you return to your Instagram profile, the number of views will increase.

Why Are Instagram Video Views Important?

Simply put, the number of views under your video shows how popular and potentially viral your video is. If your goal is to monetize an Instagram profile, view count is crucial.

Marketers who may pay you to post a video featuring their product will be interested in views. Views and total followers combined with likes provide invaluable metrics for marketers. This allows them to measure the level of engagement on your profile and determine if your profile is interesting to them. It will also affect the price of a sponsored post on your Instagram profile.

However, you should know that Instagram only counts views on the Instagram app. This means that if you embed an Instagram video on your blog, views from the blog will not be counted on Instagram. The same rule applies to any other social media platform where you can share your Instagram video.

How to Increase Instagram Video Views?

There are some tried and tested methods you can use to increase video views on Instagram. Ultimately, this will make your profile more interesting to marketers and result in better engagement rates on the profile.

The two methods listed below are pretty simple, but require some effort on your part. Remember that the more popular your profile is, the higher your expectations will be for your videos. This may force you to try harder and become a real influencer.

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one. catchy explanation

If you want to get enough views, every video you post should have a catchy description. This is a description that your followers can engage with and better understand the video content.

A few lines of text outlining what to expect in the video is usually more than enough. It is also important to use simple and understandable language to avoid confusion.

2nd. hashtags

Instagram is a social network mostly based on hashtags. So, choosing relevant hashtags for your videos is a must if you want to get enough views. However, the appropriate hashtag is a science in itself.

You should use a smart mix of trending hashtags related to your topic and niche hashtags that will keep you at the top of the Instagram feed. To find these hashtags, all you have to do is start typing. A list will appear and show you how many people are talking about or following that hashtag.


Unfortunately, watching your own video thousands of times will not turn into a successful Instagram account. Fortunately, there are some methods you can use to naturally increase Instagram views.

While there are many paid websites that promise to increase your views, they are generally not recommended as they are scams and may result in your account(s) being banned even if they are not.