Does Tinder Passport Work?

Tinder is essentially a virtual version of your local dating scene. When you install it, you need to allow your phone to access its location. It automatically adds your city to your profile.

The main purpose of this app is to connect you with matches living in your area. But what if you want to check out possible matches in a different location?

What Is the Purpose of a Tinder Passport?

Changing your location in this app is not easy. In the past, people used complex roundabouts to manually enter a new city or a new country. You can still do this, but you’ll need to install an old, outdated version of the app. It takes a few hours to figure out how to do all this.

Tinder has noticed that some users want to change their location without much hassle. That’s why they introduced the Tinder Passport premium feature. This allows you to match with people anywhere in the world, anywhere you choose.

So How Can You Get a Tinder Passport?

To change your location on Tinder, you need to invest in Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. There is no way to use the passport for free.

Tinder Plus costs $9.99 or more, and if you want to use Tinder Gold, you’ll have to pay an additional $4.99 per month.

Here’s how you can set premium options:

  • Open the Tinder App
  • Tap on Settings
  • Choose “Get Tinder Plus” or “Get Tinder Gold”

Both Plus and Gold give you unlimited Likes, five Super Likes, and a Buff. You can also see the people who like your profile with Gold. This is the only difference between these two features.

Most importantly, both options come with Tinder Passport and both options give you an ad-free experience. They also let you rewind your last swipe if you change your mind.

If your main motivation is to find a way to change your location, Plus is definitely an adequate option. Use Gold if you want more information about your potential matches.

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How Do You Use Tinder Passport?

You have set Plus or Gold and now you want to change your location. Here’s how to do this:

  • Open the Tinder App
  • Tap on your Profile Icon

It’s located at the top of your screen.

  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on your Location Category

If you’re on Android, you want the “Scroll in” category. On iOS, the same option is labeled “Location”.

  • Select “Add New Location”

Manually enter the city of interest. You can change your location as many times as you want. You don’t have to stick to your own country.

Why is Tinder Passport Useful?

Passport is especially popular with Tinder users who travel a lot. Even when you are on a business trip, you can still browse the dating scene at home. Being on vacation doesn’t interrupt your normal scrolling experience, either.

People who yo-yo between the two locations also tend to invest in this feature. Useful if you are planning to move to a new country. Before you arrive, you can get a head start and start building your social circle.

There’s another great reason to use Tinder Passport. If you live in a small town, you might get tired of your local dating scene. Sometimes you just need a change.

When you use Passport, people in your actual location will not be matched with you. You can explore new options and be inspired to travel.

Does Using Tinder Passport Change Location on Your Profile?

When you use a passport, the location in your profile simply disappears. Potential matches will then know you’re using Tinder Passport, but they won’t see your real location.

This can lead to some miscommunication with potential matches. Many will not immediately notice the missing place. They may be unpleasantly surprised to discover that you’ve been transiting from a different city or country.

The best approach is to be at the forefront. Mention your real location in your profile and explain why you plan to date elsewhere. This can make you stand out in the crowd and also acts as a great conversation starter.

Anything Else You Should Know?

You can continue to be matched with someone from your old location immediately after you change your location with a passport. Still, you only have a handful of old profiles at the top of your stack. After a few swipes you are ready to explore a new frontier.

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Last word

Is Tinder Passport worth the investment?

If you are a world traveler, taking this option can change your online dating experience. Tinder’s premium features are quite affordable and offer other benefits as well. Passport certainly received fruitful and bright reviews. You can always cancel within a month if the results are not what you hoped for.