Does Tinder Do Background Checks?

Tinder has made dating easier than ever. Now you can meet the person of your dreams with a swipe on your phone. It has made finding love easier than ever, while also making it easier to find scammers. Personal safety is everyone’s primary concern in the dating game, but does Tinder do background checks? Do they do any due diligence on their membership or is it all up to us?

The short answer is it’s entirely up to us to make sure we don’t get scammed by scammers.

Liars on Tinder come in all shapes and sizes. There will be those who say they are single but not single. Obviously, those who say they are 26 when they approach 40. Those who say they are doctors, but they are really scavengers. There are also those who want to steal your identity, or worse. So how do you stay safe on Tinder?

Five ways to use Tinder safely

Tinder leaves it up to us to control who we plan to meet. It’s up to us to control people and play it safe, and that’s okay. With millions of users, Tinder couldn’t do background checks or even the most basic of checks on everyone. We can do a much more comprehensive job ourselves.

Critically view your Tinder profile

Creating a dating profile is hard enough without having to check privacy as well. Don’t give too soon. Make sure you don’t include where you work, your neighborhood, or the specific clubs or organizations you belong to in your profile. Check images for identifiable data such as license plates, road names, or anything else that can help you narrow down where you live or work.

If you’re not sure, have someone else check it out before making it public. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Do your own Tinder background check

If you’ve met someone on Tinder and are planning to date, check your own history first. You should know their names and approximately where they live, so search the internet for their names and locations. Reverse image search is your friend too. Then check their social media presence.

It is an accepted precaution to ensure that no one gets into trouble. Of course, that’s cause for concern if you find a multi-page file on everything they’ve done in the last decade. It’s not a cause for concern to run a little check to make sure they’re who they say they are and that they’re not likely to be guilty.

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Suspicion everyone until they prove they’re valuable

Viewing everyone as a threat is not ideal, but it is a practical precaution on the internet. Not just on Tinder, but everywhere you go online. Don’t give out personally identifiable information, don’t give too much information to people, and never give out images or videos that could identify you.

Beware of people who sound too good to be true, ask too many personal questions too quickly, or suddenly get sick or have a sick child. They may indeed be like that but be skeptical until they prove it.

Meet in a public place

If you find someone you want to meet, plan carefully. Try to do it during the day and in a public place. Daytime meetings are generally safer than late night meetings as there are more people around. It’s also helpful to limit time, such as at lunchtime or before an appointment. That way, if you don’t get along with your date, your torment has a definite end time.

Public places are safer for obvious reasons. A coffee shop is ideal, a place close to you but not too close. Maybe in the mall or in the city center with lots of people around. Don’t invite anyone into your home until they’re more confident. Even then, think carefully before you do.

don’t go alone

If you’re planning on meeting a Tinder date for the first time, make sure someone knows where you’re going and who you’re meeting. If you have a wingman it is very helpful to have them in the general circle. It may seem out of hand or a little exaggerated, but there is no such thing as being too careful. Not on a first date anyway.

If you don’t want to involve others, find out where your friends will be at a given time and arrange to meet up nearby. Even if you risk bumping into someone you know, you also have backup security just minutes away!