Does OkCupid Notify You If You Take a Screenshot?

OkCupid may be essentially a dating app, but it’s also a social networking site that helps you find friends. The premise behind the app is to take matchmaking to a deeper level, rather than relying on selfies and interests like many of its peers. But OkCupid, with its integrated chat functionality, is also an instant messaging app. With all other matchmaking chat apps, there is a risk that someone will take a screenshot and become a meme overnight.

This leads to an important question: Does OkCupid notify you when this happens?

Drop in OkCupid

As mentioned, OkCupid is, at its core, a dating app that goes beyond the superficial representations of users. Multiple choice questions are used to match users with people who share similar views, opinions and views.

Once connected, users enter an instant messaging conversation where they get to know each other better. Although there is an emphasis on flirting here, people are known to use this app all over the world to find new friends. While this is neat and useful like all dating apps, OkCupid has its perks and risks.


Screenshot Notifications

To report someone taking a screenshot that you don’t want to spread outside of the platform, you can always report the user you think may have taken the screenshot. In most cases, that user will be banned, but once they get their hands on the screenshot, they can spread it all over the internet. If it’s posted on social media, you can report them there and have the photo removed.

But websites like Reddit and 4chan are impossible to control, and before everything turns into a wildfire and ruins your online life by turning you into a meme, you might want to stop it. Receiving a notification about a screenshot your chat partner may have taken can be very helpful here, allowing you to react more quickly and also discouraging the user from taking a screenshot in the first place. Unfortunately, screenshot notifications are nothing about OkCupid.

This means you will have no idea if someone is taking a screenshot of your conversation. Therefore, you should always be careful, avoid giving sensitive information and material, and also avoid writing things that could easily backfire.

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What Not to do

Don’t expect to be notified about someone taking a screenshot of your profile either, as you won’t be notified of someone taking a screenshot directly in your messaging window on OkCupid. OkCupid is not a private community and people can reshare your profile if they find it inappropriate or easy to mock.

Don’t Be Pious in About Me

Contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly okay to be vulnerable or even borderline pathetic when speaking honestly with someone. Clichés, poems, and love quotes can look pretty and even cute. But not in About me The section on OkCupid. Why? Because people will see it and some can take a screenshot and – voila – you are now a meme.

This is the typical high school mentality that is unfortunately also found on the internet. Try to be as casual and reasonable as possible in the About Me section to avoid going viral on the internet just because you’re so honest.


What should we do

Knowing how to set up your OkCupid profile correctly is just as important as knowing what to do to avoid falling victim to a screenshot meme. Creating a Facebook profile is now simple, easy and fun. On the other hand, creating a dating app profile is a much more daunting task. The goal here is to look cute, here’s what you need to do to get the most out of your OkCupid profile.

Photo Variety

OkCupid is first and foremost a dating app and photos play a vital role in this app. Make sure to upload a variety of photos so your OkCupid matches can get to know you better. Shooting alone is fine, but you need to show the world what you like and look like, not just say it in your profile description. Add photos where you enjoy your favorite hobby. Add some from your travels. Are you a sports fan? Add photos from the game your favorite team is playing.

Make sure the photos look as normal as possible, though. The weirder you look at them, the greater the chance of your profile ending up as a viral screenshot. Additionally, add captions to your photos because it makes you more approachable.


Typo in instant messaging is perfectly fine. Someone may mistakenly judge you for using “then” instead of “than”, but most people know you made a typo. As for the About Me section, however, users viewing your profile will expect you to have taken some time to polish it up, meaning typos and typos don’t necessarily have to be made. If necessary, use Grammarly. Always keep in mind that the internet likes a screenshot of grammar and spelling errors.

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Think Before You Do Something

The online world is tough, especially when we’re talking about dating apps. Some people are cruel and use your need for connection to mock you and lower your ego. Be mindful of what you write and share on OkCupid and be wary of potential screenshots because the app won’t notify you when someone takes a screenshot.

Have you ever experienced this type of cyberbullying? Worse still, have you created a meme yourself using a screenshot of someone else’s OkCupid profile? What is your approach to creating a dating app profile? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.