Does Bumble Offer Refunds?

Since the Internet was made available to ordinary people, there have been very few rules and regulations surrounding everything. (And God bless him for that!)

However, as the waters of the World Wide Web became more turbulent and turbid, several unwritten rules emerged, one of the most important being: You should never, under any circumstances, truly read the ‘Terms and Conditions Page’ when accepting an online contract!

Now, this may sound a little counterintuitive to the responsible and accountable person who likes to know what he’s getting into, but considering that the Internet is a proper Wild West of a place in today’s world, Twitter wars are complete with stinking comment sections. dark places like reddit and 4 channelsand full of treasure trove memes and bootleg video footage, who really has time to read a 4 page contract?

In this article, we will talk about Bumble, one of the newest dating apps that is taking the world by storm. Because this cheeky platform has a pay-to-win system (as many other platforms do), many people wonder what happens when you get tired of it and decide to pull the plug. in the middle of your contract.

To answer that, we did what perhaps about 7 people on the internet have done so far. That’s right, we’re committed to reading Bumble’s ‘Terms and Conditions Page’! It was difficult, and God knows what consequences this undertaking would have on one’s soul, but it was for a good cause!

So let’s answer the question – Does Bumble Provide Refunds to Dissatisfied or Otherwise Bored Users?

What is Bumble Boost?

To get to the root of the question put before us, we first needed to figure out what Earth Bumble Boost could be. It turns out that Bumble Boost is an ‘edited version’ of Bumble that gives certain advantages over your opponents. If you decide to subscribe to it, you will be able to enjoy the following blessings from Bumble’s exciting beehive world:

  1. See Everyone Swiping You Right – This handy option allows the owner of a Bumble Boost account to see people swiping their gorgeous faces directly! With this feature, you can save time by only swiping right on a person who is interested in you. Pretty useful, right?
  2. Extend Matches for 24 Hours – Anytime! – As you know, with basic Bumble you can extend a match for 24 hours once a day. But with Bumble Boost at your side, you can do it anytime! There are no limitations! (However, keep in mind that a single ‘Extension’ is still only worth 24 hours and you cannot extend a single match more than once. This is the same for all versions of the Bumble app.)
  3. Remap with Expired Links – As the second match between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz clearly demonstrates, rematches are important. Anyway, Bumble Boost lets you find your expired connections and try again. Not for the faint of heart! Only tough people who understand what military service means make a profit!
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So, Does Bumble Offer Cashback?

If you paid for a subscription to Bumble Boost but found it useless or otherwise unsatisfactory, the process to get rid of it goes something like this: There are no refunds on Bumble! Pity, very sad.

Bumble’s Terms and Conditions page clearly states that refunds are not something that can be given to you, not just when you purchase a Bumble Boost subscription, but actually for anything Bumble offers!

For example, the only way to unsubscribe from a Boost is to stop paying for it. For example, if you have three months left on your six-month contract and you decide to withdraw, you can cancel your next subscription by not paying. Also, check and see if auto-renew is turned off by going to “Manage” your account. If not, turn it off. (A Quick Note: Since you have already paid for it, you will be able to use your current subscription in full!)

All in all, Bumble’s strict no-refund policy may seem a bit rude, but as it stands – you take it or leave it. We hope this article helped you understand Bumble’s refund policy, or rather the lack thereof, and we wish you lots of exciting matches in the app!