Does Bumble Limit Your Messages?

If the ubiquitous and no less cheeky place we call the internet is good at something, it limits the amount of stuff we can type in at once.

Well, social media apps anyway.

A highly intelligent person realized very early in the development of social media that while some people have an extremely clear mindset and only write short posts and messages on the internet, others tend to write. War and peace It’s kind of novel every time they sit down to check their Facebook notifications!

As dating apps started to gain popularity, the creators of these savvy platforms realized that it would be wise to match their ex-social media counterparts and undoubtedly limit the amount of budgies you can bombard your ‘match’ with.

In this article, we’ll talk about Bumble (the feminist version of Tinder for those unfamiliar with the concept). Dostoevsky’s Today’s fare in this cheeky app! To be precise, we will answer the question – Does Bumble Limit Your Messages??

Alright folks, let’s see what we got!

How Exactly Does Messaging Work in Bumble?

First of all, messaging between two ‘related parties’ can, so to speak, only begin if they both swipe right, resulting in a ‘match’. After the first match, given the nature of Bumble’s first woman policy, the woman in question has 24 hours to start the conversation if she’s interested. (If the match is extended for an additional 24 hours by either side, there will be more time for the conversation to begin.)

Now, assuming the woman takes the first step and the conversation opens, the other party can respond and that’s how the ball starts rolling.

For the record, after this initial exchange, the couple can send messages back and forth at their own pace. (The woman doesn’t need to open the chat every new day, just the first time!)

Disappearing Messages – Possible Reasons Behind

Every once in a while, your conversation may have stopped suddenly. As discouraging as this may seem, at least you can be sure that it doesn’t mean you typed something wrong in the process. (Although this is definitely one of the explanations.) So messages disappearing in Bumble can happen for a number of reasons:

  1. you are unique – If you were born with the impeccable ability to say the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time, you may not like it. The thing is, while two matched people have a good chance of getting along like a house on fire, sometimes one of the parties can change their mind. If the worst happens and you stay unique, your conversation with that person is completely lost. We know the hard stuff, but it’s not all bleak.
  2. Blocked By Bumble Itself! – Another example of your carefully worded messages disappearing forever from seemingly nowhere is the other user being exiled from the platform, so to speak. Whether they’ve disclosed someone’s private information or otherwise engaged in some kind of disrespectful behavior, a ban from Bumble means that profile has disappeared entirely.
  3. Deleted Account Case – The final reason behind the mysterious disappearance of a perfectly neat thread is that the person on the other end deleted their account. It doesn’t really happen that often, but when it does it can be really annoying. Oh good. That’s life for you, you know.
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Missing Messages – Reasons Behind

In scenarios where both parties are quite willing to talk to each other and neither is guilty of any prohibitive behavior, a situation may arise where a message is not delivered. Typically, this is not a big deal and the reasons behind it could be:

  1. Poor Wi-Fi Connection – This may sound banal, but it happens often enough and requires our attention. Sometimes, your witty messages won’t go through because you might be experiencing some connection issues. If this is indeed the case, the advice would be to wait for it or try to fix it in some other way. It’s pretty simple.
  2. You have reached the Maximum Character Limit – Like almost any other dating app, Bumble limits the amount of text you can type in a single message. If that’s the case, try splitting your long answer into several messages and then post them all in quick succession! (Well, it doesn’t have to be ‘fast’ per se. Let the messages pass at your own good time.)

So, there you are! YES, Bumble limits the length of your messages, so make sure you don’t write a novel when communicating with your potential partner. (We’re sure they won’t mind it too much.) We hope you find this article helpful and wish you good luck in your search for the perfect bee… ehm, bee-partner, beehive-partner… ok .