Does Bumble Limit The Amount You Can Like or Match?

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have steadily grown in popularity since their inception in the early 2010s. Reaching 94,000 new users every day, the Bumble dating app emphasizes women’s ability to form romantic connections.

Bumble differs from Tinder in that it attempts to reduce vulgar and unsolicited promotional messages. This dating app allows only women to initiate conversations. So the woman has to initiate the messaging. Men can only message a woman they’ve matched with after they’ve sent that first message. Once this connection is made, the couple can freely message each other unless someone decides to “match”.

For male users, the site is more about matching than starting a conversation. In this article, we will discuss whether Bumble limits how many matches and likes you can get.

Does Bumble Limit Right Swipe?

It has almost the same interface system and operational concept as Bumble, Tinder and other popular dating apps. Users create a profile with pictures and bio, which profiles (often called “cards” in industry language) are then made available to other users of the appropriate gender and age range.

When a user sees a card they like and thinks could be a potential date, they swipe right. Users swipe left to indicate they don’t want to be matched with the profile they’re viewing. When a user logs in to Bumble, they are presented with cards of new potential matches in their area, based on your preferences for distance range from where you live or from your current location.

With the latest updates, Bumble has implemented a daily swipe limit in 2020. If a user has reached their daily limit, they will have to wait another 24 hours before they can start matching again.

This time slot doesn’t refresh at midnight, so the user has to wait a full 24 hours regardless of when the user last swiped. E.g; If you reach your limit at 1am on a Monday, you’ll have to wait until 1:01pm on Tuesday to continue.

While paying for Bumble Boost gives you unlimited filters and other perks, it doesn’t give you more swipes per day. We’ll get into the reasons for swipe limits in a moment, but it’s certainly not for paying users for a subscription service.

If the swipe doesn’t appear again after 24 hours, you can contact Bumble Support for assistance.

Reason for Limits

Those familiar with Tinder may have encountered the feature that limits the number of right swipes that subscribers on the free service level can make in a day. The exact number of swipes Tinder allows is an open question, but it appears to be around 50 to 100 swipes per day, depending on your individual behavior.

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Dating apps that enforce such restrictions do so for a variety of reasons. Bumble is designed to create meaningful connections between users, with a particular focus on the safety and convenience of the female demographic.

This limitation was and exists for good reason. Using restrictions on the number of swipes means users are more likely to swipe only on people they want to make a meaningful connection with.

Sliding on every profile available completely undermines the concept behind the reciprocating mechanism; The idea is that since both people swipe right, there’s already an attraction and the conversation has a good starting point based on friendly, mutual interest.

Women using the swipe right system may encounter a male user who swipes right on anyone who posts derogatory messages. Many women report that men regularly send wildly offensive and inappropriate messages to women via Tinder messaging.

Since Bumble allows women to start conversations after a match has been made, connections are less likely to lead to spam messages. Once a man has paired with a woman, he has to wait for the woman to start talking by sending the first message, which means there are fewer behavioral issues.

Get more accurate swipes (likes) on Bumble

Of course, swiping right a thousand times a day won’t do you much good if no one is swiping right on your profile. The purpose of these practices is not to create as wide a network as possible, but to make meaningful connections with people when there is a mutual attraction. In other words; Both parties need attention before a connection can be established.

There is no magic bullet to attract positive attention on Bumble or any other dating site, but there are some guidelines that can help increase your chances of swiping right more on Bumble.

Refresh your photos on Bumble

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to dating apps, this saying definitely has some truth. If you’re not getting the right swipes, you think you should Bumble, then your pics are the first place to look.

Be sure to use well-lit and attractive high-quality images. Your profile picture should highlight your most positive facial features, this can be achieved using right angles and lighting. Be sure to use photos with your ex (this includes a cropped photo), your kids, or large groups of people.

Posting group photos with others can make it difficult for those interested in you to pinpoint exactly what you look like. While these are acceptable in low numbers, your Bumble profile should not be filled with group photos, not to mention, your friends and family may not want to be a part of your online dating profile. For some users, posing with your kids or ex can be intimidating. It is best to avoid such photos.

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For more effective photos, you can use images that show your favorite hobbies or interests. From hiking to reading, it’s best to have at least one hobby-based photo on your profile so other people with similar interests can engage more with you. Either way, you’ll want to make sure your photos show that someone else can enjoy spending time together.

Other tips include wearing something red as it should increase right swipe. Pose with a puppy because everyone loves puppies. Besides posting attractive photos, your profile should give others an idea of ​​who you are, this leads to a connection between the two users.

Selfies are great for Instagram or Snapchat, but not always with dating apps. Using photos taken by someone else provides better angles and therefore more insight into how you actually look. Getting a second opinion on your photos is a great way to make you look more attractive while ensuring they convey the right message.

You may find this TechJunkie article on How to Modify Your Photos on Bumble helpful.

Revisit your Bumble bio

A good picture will get you more attention, but it’s your profile that makes the deal. If you’re not getting likes and you’ve improved your images, the next place to look is in your bio. You have 300 characters to make yourself attractive, so you will have to work hard.

So don’t worry too much, or you’ll come across it when you write. If you’re naturally funny, you’re golden. Just write something humorous and you’ll be slapped fast. If you’re not funny, you have to study a lot harder – unless you’re wearing a uniform to work.

You can keep it simple by listing your age, hobbies, and passions. You can use emojis as some people have been able to successfully do. Whatever you do, try to make it original and accurately portray you into a potential date.

Your bio is where a second opinion really helps. Asking a friend or member of the opposite sex for their honest opinion can give you an idea of ​​what others see.

(For more on best practices for profiles, check out this article on creating a great profile on Bumble. For some tips on communicating in the app, read our article on how to send a great message on Bumble.

Although Bumble limits the number of swipes you can have in a day, you’re more likely to make meaningful connections rather than start conversations with random people who are wasting your time.