Does Bumble Create Fake Profiles?

One of the worst things that can happen to an avid user of a dating app is to have their sparkly mug and the sheer enormity of her masculine and irresistible charm goes unnoticed.

Heck, even downright rejected, shifted left, completed, kaputt it would be an easier pill to swallow!

Now, some users, repeatedly frustrated by the unresponsive potential partners and lack of matches, are starting to understand what’s going on on Earth. To get to the root of this vexing problem, many chose to dig a vein that has helped many before them in explaining the inexplicable— conspiracy theories!

Anyway, we will talk about it in this article bumble – one of the biggest dating apps in existence today. To be more precise, we will reveal the truth about the question that is on the minds of many people right now – Does Bumble Actually Create Fake Profiles For Its Apps??

Without further ado, let’s see what’s going on.


‘Double double trouble and trouble!‘, as the great bard would say – and what a wonderful way to explain the matter at hand! So, a large group of predominantly male people who create profiles on Bumble put a lot of effort into finding matches, but to no avail.

The thing is, getting rejected more often than getting a match is pretty much how these apps work for the majority of users, though some guys have a hard time believing that finding a match on Bumble is something that only happens once in a blue moon. !

Now, this interesting event has scratched the minds of many, but some have really decided to get their hands on their heads and start writing really deep and far-reaching queries on Reddit! (And elsewhere. But mostly it appears on Reddit.)

As a result, a certain level of skepticism towards the platform got its ugly head to the top, as folks who managed to collect only a few minutes of matches are starting to wonder if Bumble was really just creating a bunch of fake profiles of attractive girls. men waving?

Fair enough question actually. Here’s what we learned.

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Explanation 1: Bumble Algorithm

Similar to its biggest competitor, Tinder, Bumble uses a search and visibility algorithm that pushes the most popular profiles to the front of the queue, so to speak. For example, if a profile has attractive images, is fully optimized, and has been shifted to the right a lot, it is more likely to be pushed before all other profiles in the space.

At this point, if you’re not fully familiar with the platform, we might need to mention the way Bumble works:

While very similar to Tinder, Bumble differs from it in one important way – when paired with someone, only a woman can make the first move! (So send the message within 24 hours.That’s why many people refer to Bumble as the feminist version of Tinder by the way.

So in light of this disclosure, if your profile has been ignored despite your nonstop swiping to the right, it’s possible that the person in question already has a lot of matches to deal with and hasn’t committed any more.

Hard luck.

Statement Number 2: Bumble’s Inactive Profile Policy

Another interesting and rather confusing thing about Bumble is its weird inactive profile policy. Rather than shutting down or otherwise procrastinating or doing something about profiles that have been inactive for a while, the folks at Bumble decided to approach this situation as follows: nothing.

Now, whether this policy is actually fair or wise is another question, but to answer the one about fake profiles – it could be the case that the profiles you swiped right have been inactive lately! (Or maybe completely abandoned, who knows!)

Here you go folks! To summarize this article, let’s reiterate the main conclusion: NO, people on Bumble don’t actually create fake profiles on purpose to get you addicted, but thanks to their search algorithms and weird inactivity policies (or rather lack thereof), some matches can be difficult to find. There may also be genuinely fake profiles, but as a result, Bumble itself didn’t create them, or at least they haven’t been and may not be proven yet.

We hope you found this article helpful, and we wish you good luck in your romantic pursuits connected to Bumble!

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