Discord finally lets you leave a voicemail to your friends from your smartphone

Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging software. It is well known in the gaming community to which it was originally devoted, but so successful that even Facebook draws inspiration from its interface. This flexible and powerful yet affordable app is available on absolutely all platforms. Best of all, Discord is built by and for the community, which means the platform is always full of new stuff.

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If Discord already allows you to chat or chat over VoIP with your friends, it was not possible to leave a voicemail to them until now. This oversight has now been corrected. On the Discord blog, the developers wrote, “You need to message your friends quickly, but you’re on the go and can’t type? Or do you want to tell them in the right timing to make sure others understand your joke? you’re in luck. You can now Voice Message on Discord ! “.

Discord now lets you record 20-minute audio messages

Conflict imposes the same a set of limitations. You cannot send a voice message from someone. maximum time 20 minutes More in DM than in direct group messages, “or on a server with less than 200 members”. You will also be able to view the messages on the computer, but you will only be able to save them from the mobile application.

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If you’re the administrator of a Discord server and you’re afraid the server will be flooded with voicemails, know this you can disable this option.

  • Click on the top left of your server’s name
  • Click on “Server Settings”
  • Click on “Roles”
  • Click on “Default permissions”
  • Scroll down to “Send Voice Message” and disable the option

Source : European Player

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