Contrary to popular belief, YouTube lags far ahead of TikTok among teens

Ever since TikTok entered the social networking market, comparisons to other social networks have been coming in from all sides. It should be said that the Chinese application completely upset the ecosystem that has been stable for years. gaining millions of users in record time. Requires videos, YouTube was quickly embedded in TikTok’s landscapes.

The two platforms were often compared when they mimicked each other or surpassed each other in certain areas. Yet TikTok never managed to dethrone YouTube, even past the milestone of one billion users. However, everyone agrees that the youngest Internet users find themselves on the Chinese platform. But is this really the case?

YouTube is more popular than TikTok, even among teenagers

Not really. In any case, that’s what the American institute Pew Research Center’s latest research on 13-17-year-olds use in terms of social networks confirms. And contrary to popular belief, YouTube continues to be the biggest winner of the race, well ahead of its competitors. According to research, they 95% of people in this age group have already visited YouTubeand 19% use it regularly.

TikTok, for its part, can’t boast of getting the same scores. Indeed, even if the application remains for a good second, it only displays 67% of young people who have already tried the platformand 15% of those who go there regularly. However, there is one very important factor to consider. Unlike YouTube, which has been around for years, TikTok is still a relatively young app. That’s why his explosion on the podium is particularly striking.

In fact, the same cannot be said for other social networks. Instagram and Snapchat are still going on respectively 62% and 59% occasional usersWhile Facebook is completely down 32% occasional users. In 2014 it was 71%. Finally, 18% of young people agree that it will be very difficult to cut themselves off from social networks completely.

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