Can you edit a Tweet?

How to edit a tweet

Tweet Editing History

Not being able to edit a Tweet may not seem like a big deal, but it is. If you’ve ever used Twitter, you know exactly what I mean.

Even if you’ve never used Twitter, let me remind you:

But now the days of typo-filled media chaos are over with the addition of Twitter’s most anticipated feature: Edit Tweet! A kind of.

Can you edit a Tweet?

Yes, as of October 3, 2022, Twitter Blue users in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can edit Tweets within 30 minutes of posting. Tweets can be edited up to 5 times. US access is coming soon.

Twitter announced that testing of the editing feature is going well, so they’re moving forward with a more widely available rollout.

How to edit a tweet

Step 1 – Select your tweet and 3 dots (…) To open the “Other” menu

Edit tweet step 1

Step 2 – Tap the icon. Edit tweet choice.

Edit tweet step 2

Step 3 – Make your edits and then tap . Update.

Edit tweet step 3

This much! But there are some limits to keep in mind:

  • Tweets can be edited in just 30 minutes from posting
  • Tweets can be edited up to 5 times
  • Edit Tweet is limited to Twitter Blue subscribers in certain regions (for now)

Tweet Editing History

Just because you edited a Tweet doesn’t mean your mistakes, typos or bad jokes are gone forever.

Twitter will now tag all edited Tweets with an Edited icon that indicates when the last edit was made.

Clicking on it displays the history of previous versions of the Tweet so everyone can see what was changed and when.

More technically, Twitter has confirmed that the Twitter API will make metadata from Tweets available so developers can access edit and update history information.

Twitter has stated that the Edit Tweet feature is designed to allow users to correct typos, add forgotten hashtags and attach missing media files.

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The limits of regulations and viewable version history are designed to alleviate concerns about transparency in a platform used by major news organizations and politicians to make big announcements.

Despite many loud voices begging for the editing feature, Twitter is being very conservative in its testing and rollout schedule, possibly in response to the concerns above.

Assuming all goes well for Twitter Blue users, expect the Edit Tweet feature to roll out to all Twitter users in the near future.

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