Can You Check Someone’s Snapchat Without Knowing?

Can you unknowingly check someone’s Snapchat? Can someone access your account without your knowledge? How can you use all the features but stay as safe as possible on Snapchat?

We share a lot on social media. We upload hundreds of pictures, Stories, Snaps, share personal information via chat and often interact with the world using them. Snapchat does a reliable job of keeping all this data safe, but we also have a responsibility to keep it safe. Given the volume of data we put into Snapchat, it makes sense to ensure it’s as secure as possible.

Can you unknowingly check someone’s Snapchat?

In the vast majority of cases, no one can control your Snapchat activity without your knowledge. As long as you keep your account safe, never share the password, and be careful where you leave your phone, it should stay safe.

There are spyware on the market that can capture your account details but need to be installed on your phone. As long as you keep your phone with you and don’t let others use it or randomly click on links you send, it’s fine.

Can someone access your Snapchat account without your knowledge?

Same answer as above. As long as you use good internet hygiene, use a unique password, and use the security tools Snapchat provides, your account should be secure. There is always a small chance that someone on Snapchat or someone could install spyware on your phone, but otherwise your account should be as secure as possible.

How can you use all the features but stay as safe as possible on Snapchat?

To stay safe while enjoying Snapchat, you need to balance freedom with security. Share every aspect of your life on Snapchat but only with your friends. Use Snap Map while in the air, but disable it and switch to Ghost Mode when not in use. Be careful what you say to people and never say you’re on vacation or home alone. You never know who is listening.

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Snapchat only sends to friends by default and I recommend leaving it that way. Some posts might work better publicly, but be careful what information they contain.

Second, remember that while Snapchat is temporary, it doesn’t have to be. Snapshots can expire after 24 hours, but there are many ways to take or capture a screenshot without letting you know. Keep this in mind every time you post to Snapchat.

Use Snapchat safely

Here are some practical tips for using Snapchat safely.

Use a unique password

Set a strong password that you don’t use anywhere else to keep your Snapchat account safe. Make it as difficult as possible and not a word or phrase you can easily find. Use a password manager if it makes life easier.

Use two factor authentication

Snapchat introduced two factor authentication a while ago and everyone should be using it. Go to Settings, Login Authentication and select Text or Authentication App. Set it up and you’re ready to go. It’s a big step forward in account security. It’s not perfect but it will protect you from most account hacks.

Disable Quick Add

Quick Add is great in theory, but it’s a security hole. This allows anyone to add you to their friend list, whether you know them or not. Disable it from Settings and See Me on Quick Add.

Ignore random friend requests

Don’t blindly accept someone who wants to be friends on Snapchat. Some people really want to be your friend, while others just want access to their Snaps. Keep this in mind when you receive requests from people you don’t know.

Don’t be too free with your Snapcode

Snapcode is another great theory that doesn’t work very well in practice. It makes it easy to add you to Snapchat. Sometimes it’s very easy. You can place your Snapcode wherever you want as long as you’re picky about who you befriend with, but this is the way to go for those who don’t think in your best interests, so be aware.

Just Use My Eyes

If you have Memories that you don’t want everyone to see, save them in My Eyes Only. A small private vault within Snapchat that allows you to keep certain pictures to yourself. Access the memories, select the pictures you want to hide and select the lock icon at the bottom of the screen. Select Move and you’re done.

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Snapchat is a great social network that offers hours of fun and the opportunity to share with others. Used wisely, you can combine sharing with security and not compromise yourself too much. Follow the tips in this tutorial and you can balance both with ease!