Best Tinder Openers

It is difficult to meet. It takes a lot of courage and a little luck because you never know right away if the person you’ve found is the right person for you. It requires some small talk, humor, openness and romance. But before all that, you need to approach the person in the right way before anything else actually happens.

Starting with Tinder, online dating apps have made all this easy. However, just like real-life dating, it can still be overwhelming to start a conversation on Tinder even though it’s a completely different game. The techniques are different, but the goal is still the same – to get and keep their attention. Read on to learn how to increase your chances of getting a response.

What Not To Do

The science of responding with a good opening doesn’t stop at just knowing what to write. Knowing how not to start a conversation is equally helpful. The thing is, even if the goal is the same, there’s a fine line between what works and what doesn’t.

Asking the Wrong Questions

As we’ll explain later, asking questions is key. Having him answer the first and ask you questions in return is a good way to set up an appointment. However, this does not mean that you should only ask a person what he or she is doing at the moment.

The reason they do not answer such questions is because they have already read them many times. The same is true for many other types of messages.

It Turns Out (Potentially) Creepy

Complimenting someone right away can put you in missed territory. A lot of people probably told her she was beautiful, she already knows. Additionally, overdoing compliments can also make you look creepy, which is something you should avoid like the plague.

Not to mention using the other person’s name or having sex, especially in the first few messages. Do not do that. Just don’t.

Not Actually Interacting

Another way to avoid getting someone to respond is to just say “hello”, “hey” or basically anything along those lines. You don’t get them to interact in a fun or meaningful way that will definitely turn them off. This is more true if you are a guy trying to text a girl. Girls are attracted to guys that tickle their imaginations, so you may want to work on making your keynotes a little more engaging.

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Having Bad Grammar

Grammar is undeniably important. Spelling mistakes in the first few messages is a good way to make you seem uninterested, especially if you misspell a person’s name. Double check your messages at least initially, because unlike in real life, a good first impression is very important in online dating.

Starting the Right Way

It’s important to know right away that in addition to giving the person a good reason to respond, looking at their profile is the most important thing to do. The owner of the profile can even state what he likes and what he hates, which can greatly increase or decrease your chances from the very beginning.

If the two of you have something in common, you can use it as a conversation starter. Be sure to ask a question of interest, but make it engaging to increase the chances of getting a response.

Tinder Openers

Speaking of questions…

Asking questions greatly increases your chances of getting on a date. Even if you don’t know exactly what to ask the person about (for example because of an empty profile), you can be brave and ask him/her something completely random.

Some good examples include the worst movie the other person has ever seen, how many times they have been scammed by a Nigerian prince, and which vegetable they find the ugliest.

Tested Formula

If you find them too random and are reluctant to use them, you can ask the person for requests, which are mostly universal. Most people love to eat out and/or travel so these two are closer to safe ground.

For example, asking your chat partner about his favorite travel destination can easily start a conversation or even an argument. You can take this to another level and ask the person where they will go or perhaps what they will do if they win the lottery.

The same goes for food. Even if you’re not the most creative person, it will probably be pretty easy for you to come up with a good question about food. Allowing them to choose from several options can also make the conversation more interesting by getting them to think more.

GIFs for recovery

Believe it or not, GIFs seem to rank among the best Tinder openers possible. They are reported to increase the chance of a first response by about thirty percent. GIFs have it all – they’re funny, they show you’re funny, and they’re also a good way to add some color to your text messages.

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Summon Person by Name

If you still feel the urge to use your potential date’s name, do it in style. A witty explanation, such as a pun about their name, is a good example of what a good and fun opener looks like. If you’re confident, you can even make a funny comment that associates his name with that of a celebrity.


Increasing Your Chances

A good opening can change everything when it comes to your success rate on Tinder, but it’s still not a surefire guarantee that you’ll get a date every time you get a response. Not all conversations end in a date, and Tinder is yet another proof of that.

You shouldn’t give up too quickly, but if you’re sure nothing will happen between the two of you, go ahead and save your own and your chat partner’s time.

Which of the tips provided here did you find most helpful? What’s the best opener you’ve ever bought? Let us know in the comments below.